Solar Bee – When Finance Meets Science (Part 1)

Hi, I’m Tiffany. I’ve always been [in]
investment banking since graduation. I focus on corporate finance and equity
markets so I help clients do their US and Hong Kong IPOs as well as equity
placements, so everything related to equity and that’s what I did, and then
last year, I met with Carol and then we came up with the idea to set up Solar Bee. It’s an education centre focused on science, technology, engineering and
mathematics. It’s for young children from kindergarten to primary school. Carol is the programme director and the lead instructor. Hi everyone! My name is Carol. Since graduation, I’ve been working in the lab to do different research
projects focusing on identifying the mechanism of how cancer develops and
finding new ways to treat cancers. Now I have another role in Solar Bee education. Just like what Tiffany has mentioned and the lead instructor and
also the course coordinator of the whole programme. I haven’t taken any courses related to business, finance, etc, but I always wanted to try something new I
don’t want to be limited or restricted by my degree, or by my science background. When I start a project I’ve to do [a lot of] many research on the background, to identify
the research gaps and research questions to answer, and I have to plan
different experiments to answer those questions, and after finishing
experiments, I have to communicate with different experts and to seek their
advice, and finally publishing my research paper, so running business also starts
from scratch and you have to do [a lot of] research, such as [what] the market is like
currently, and also … and then you have to meet with your customers to see whether
they like your product or not and then you have to do different marketing
strategies and [a lot of[ decision making, etc. So, I always want to see whether my
thinking about business is correct or not. So, I want to start a business. For me, I’ve always wanted to quit banking. It’s such a painful job, and I don’t even know if this is actually … if I can say this is from a … I am from a business background,
because finance is very different; I do a lot of due diligence with companies but
I actually don’t … I don’t do hands-on work to run the business, so if I don’t
actually start a business, I won’t actually know how a business is operated,
but I’m actually very interested in this area, and I see that STEM has been a very
hot topic recently, especially in the US and Europe they have started
incorporating STEM into their regular curriculum,
and the Hong Kong government, they started giving funding to primary
schools and secondary schools to also incorporate this into their regular
day-to-day … so I saw this opportunity and I was thinking, Oh gosh, I don’t even
have a science background, how am I gonna do this? So then I met with Carol,
science background, perfect match, so I was .. we were like, just let’s do this!

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