Social Informatics Digital Story

this is Stephanie reckless and here is my digital story technology and social media are everywhere they are constantly evolving and changing on a daily basis students find cell phones iPads and other tablets and Technology tools exciting many times they are not allowed to use them in the classroom however I believe that these kinds of technology tools and social media websites can be used to help students learn in a deeper and more exciting way in the classroom there are many advantages for allowing students to use these programs and tools in school still I know that many teachers administrators and parents may not think that this is a good idea they will wonder will technology and social media become a distraction if students can use them in the classroom or can students focus if they are given the chance to chat with friends or will they visit other web sites that aren't related to their school assignments I believe that if students are given the opportunity to be creative by doing different activities in their classes they will learn more they can work together in groups with their peers and share their ideas with each other when students are motivated they can feel confident and begin to have big dreams about their futures now I want to share with you how this topic is important to me I hope to become a school librarian as soon as I graduate from Rutgers I honestly believe that technology and social media can help develop better learners and readers I see a need for effective school librarians in my local County there are many spanish-speaking families who live in my County and many of them cannot afford to have technology in their homes my main goal is to help students especially those with non-english speaking parents learn how to read and develop the skills that they need to become better students I hope to take advantage of the computers and other devices in my future library so these students can learn above and beyond their grade levels I hope to be a school librarian that is open to my students and their unique needs I want to discover each of my students learning styles and the technology tools that will help them achieve their goals high school students can use social media as a learning tool and one article Kacie and Evans show how students can use social media sites to share knowledge with their peers teachers are finding ways to implement smart phones tablets and other devices into classrooms luneau shares how students can be active in fun activities that encourage discussions another article by Peterson and McClay gives the advantages of writing the first drafts for papers by hand when students create more detailed final drafts on the computer they can develop better writing strategies this way also students can collaborate with others when they use technology tools in the classroom and library in an article by Jody Pilgrim Christy Bledsoe and Susan Riley they discussed how students can use tools for practical uses reading digital books using cameras and preparing personalised agendas finally students can learn how social media tools can enhance their interactions in the classroom tools like Edmodo helps students connect with one another and allow parents and teachers to manage their class assignments and activities these are all just some examples of how students can benefit from using these tools and websites in their classes

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