Social Impact Hackathon: Transforming the world with IoT

we are currently at the hole the world's first IOT impact hackathon at Berlin a lot of coders UX designers app designers working on challenges that really really powerful impactful NGOs brought here like United Nations World Food Program and smaller locally operating NGOs and what all of them are lacking is the access to technology that's why we as impact collective decided to empower all those three parties the hackers the NGOs and also the corporates to work on this impact together to create a better world for for all of us in a way the events like this are very important for us is a proof point if our technology is in the right maturity level to be provide the right things and is it really useful for the society what we're trying to do is we trying to give farmers the means to prevent losses the farmer would work very hard to grow his crops and then he stores it and he losses up to 30% of all his crops to insects these guys have great ideas about like having a probe or having a little chip in there so these are the technical solutions they were really happy to get the support usually people are more interested about how can we make sales how can we get revenues but these guys really care for the planet this is group just great to see so many people that love to actually make an impact in the world I really like to work on global solutions and not just pretty stuff for our German people I was really happy with the wash social impact hackathon here it has just begun and I'm sure we're gonna see tons of those solutions out there in the future yeah you

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  1. Adam Ben Jaafar said:

    Toi toi toi !

    June 26, 2019

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