SMU MSc in Innovation: Pitching Like a Pro

today's presentation is the final presentation for the capstone host for the Master of Science and generation students the final presentation marks elimination in a showcase of their learning journey where we had a panel of four distinguished venture capitalists who come here give their time and feedback the products presented today show practical thought and action to validate the ideas they come from a diversity of backgrounds so that is always good when it comes to innovation and I think the depth of research done by each of them really contributes and shows in the presentations today today's event is a bit of a balance between learning to pitch to a real live VC audience and yet at the same time trying to marry that with the academic learnings I've learned a lot I think now I'm much more confident I know I have the right tools and I know where to go to explore different commercialization and how to exploit ideas and I think we have something out there that is probably ready to go to market so I'm really glad with the event today the teams were very enthusiastic in their participation the expert panel had lots of challenging questions – the teams – this completes the learning loop and also demonstrates their learning orientation a learning objective of the Masters in Science and Innovation Program you

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