Smart waste management using IOT – real benefits of Sensoneo

every human is producing waste and we think that until the last man survives on the planet Earth he will produce a waste it's a one of the major problems of the humankind on our planet the technologies made significant progress but the waste management advice collection it's still as 30 years ago and by combining technology and the best knowledge from the waste management we believe that San Antonio as a solution is the solution for today's problem of waste management systems nautical who do you support or inattentive system panocha DMA president Nasheed mr toura trebonius optimally selected demet on the VMS a llama is generally must be touched my porosity is a terrarium ancestry tourism professionals epidermal O'Shay starting my satin looks my destiny these are the kinds of smart mr. Trapp the futuristic effectiveness analytics it's a powerful tool which will explain the waste in your setting you can analyze every single Street every single stand and you see how much general waste is produced at the stand and how much separated was produced understand based on that you can compare how is the education of the people at the street or is the capacity of the bins the wealth set or should I add the new bin or should I decrease the capacity because it's not used we are taking the data from the fleet management of the customer we are considering every cost per kilometer per hour per FTE and we are finding where the distance matrix the most effective and the shortest way from the time and kill me to point of view to do the job to collect the bins new matter data idiot processing na socati dot dot Betsy mini-map Ozma digitally cavity chose messy doctor in Slovenia source water dr. certain of solution enables our customers to manage their waste cause effectively to improve the environment and well-being of people


  1. Ramawati Febrian said:

    I'am Ramawati. We are TAMPAH (Waste Bank) focused on waste management/clean technology in Indonesia. We are startup firm in early stage where founded by Rahmat Seftriawan as our TAMPAH CEO since 2017 and we have more than 5 team. We have innovative strategies and attempt to implementing it all.

    Moreover, did you know that turn waste into money with TAMPAH application?
    With TAMPAH application, we resolve waste problem that may threat us. With us, the clients just sit on their chair while they’re opening our application, start to collecting the garbage and find the closest Waste Bank with GPS system then we’ll pick up the garbage to the client’s location. Thus, turn waste into money with us.
    Our company have been starting since 2017 and had worked hard to make it success. Nevertheless, a businessman like you will know how to setbacks can affect the workings and functioning of the business and how necessary it is to get funds when they are needed the most.
    Hopefully we get an investor to develop our firm 🙂

    June 26, 2019
  2. eldhose poulose said:

    How to apply this in Indian market

    June 26, 2019

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