Smart Manufacturing Innovation

anonymizes the national network for manufacturing innovation this is a collection of Institute's that have been stood up across the nation focusing on different technical challenges related to manufacturing so we can wind up driving advances in manufacturing productivity innovation manufacturing is a global business and businesses here in the US compete with their international counterparts Mart manufacturing drives competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises competitiveness is critical we're seeing manufacturers around the world want to have a real-time understanding of the operational status of every piece of equipment that is producing any part and component going into a finished manufactured product how do you use technology to enhance outcomes how do you use it to reduce the impact on the environment and how do you use it to manufacture in ways that maximize the talent this brought to the table smart manufacturing is turnbull using for really bringing information technology into the floor of a manufacturing facility and really leveraging on top of new technologies that are emerging and advanced sensors cloud-based computing advanced modeling and simulation advanced control algorithms and the artificial intelligence capabilities all of which allow manufacturing to come energy efficient and more effective you take all of the manufacturing sectors that can deploy smart manufacturing and each of those brings about some economic or cost or energy savings advantage and the benefits they cascade and they multiply that in turn generates a much faster growing and broader economy in our country as technology emerges and it continues to drive efficiencies and effectiveness in the manufacturing systems a lot of the smart manufacturing doesn't even have a clear definition of what it's going to look like in the future our job is to help to teach people to be critical thinkers to be adaptable to understand technology how to code how to do electrical wiring how to think differently about this particular manufacturing moment the area smart manufacturing really takes advantage of some of the inherent strengths that we have in the United States with the global leaders and innovation around information technology we invented this so by being able to leverage that into our traditional manufacturing areas it's coupling that those breakthroughs and innovation real impact to manufacture you

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