Smart Home Technology Comparison

The truth is, not all smart homes are equal. It’s what’s inside your smart products
that makes a difference. That’s why Z-Wave is the best smart technology
choice. It’s designed specifically for smart homes,
and works with nearly 2000 products – so you can choose the right brands, with the right
style, for your home. Z-wave has a big advantage over: Wi-Fi its great for internet, but you
don’t want your smart devices fighting against streaming video, games, pcs and more. and Bluetooth – which has a short range, only
works with a limited number of products, and can’t make your whole house smart. Plus, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth require multiple
apps – which means you have to open up a new app every time you want to adjust your thermostat,
turn on your lights, or lock your doors. With Z-Wave, you can do it all in one app,
with just the push of a button. So if you want a smarter home, then look for
the Z-Wave logo on your smart home products. Or, go to and access our do-it-yourself
resource center, connect with installation support, or ask one of our experts to help
you find the right products for you. Z-Wave – it’s what’s inside that counts.

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