Skkynet Solution on Renesas Synergy IoT Platform

are you looking for secure real-time communications and control of your synergy enable device if so Skynet provides a perfect solution secure real-time data communications for your industrial IOT application hi I'm Savi miss Robin from Skynet I'd like to introduce you to the Skynet embedded toolkit the embedded toolkit is an off-the-shelf end-to-end solution that connects your device to the IOT or control system securely in real time with no VPNs and open inbound fire reports yet secure bi-directional communications and control with the etk in your synergy project you can connect to the data hub for implant communications or move data securely to Sky hub for remote monitoring control visualization on the cloud implant using the data hub as your gateway your device can connect to any OPC UA da server or client Excel any database Modbus TCP devices and any custom programming using our open API s in the cloud etk can communicate directly to Sky hub so you can connect to any web service using our API S network your data anywhere in the world consolidate your data streams monitor control visualize your data using our included HMI securely without any IT policy changes working with etk is easy as a certified software add-on everything you need to get your project IOT enabled is just a few clicks away in addition since the etk only takes 32 k of ram and a hundred and fifty ka flash you've plenty of room for other add-ons and your applications but don't let the size fool you this powerful toolkit manages a single data set while providing multiple inbound and outbound connections supports edge processing a Modbus TCP master and all the necessary libraries to establish a WebSocket connection to either the data hub or using the embedded toolkit on your s7 doesn't limit your capabilities either as it can transmit over 200 data point changes per second and manage thousands of data points so let's take a look at the demo what you're looking at is a dks seven board we've loaded that board using the synergy platform it actually is the etk is now embedded onto the board and we're using the sensors on the board to actually communicate with sky hub in order to get a network connection we actually are using a mobile 3G network so we're actually connected via the 3G network and very simply what we want to show is real-time remote monitoring very simply as I turn a potentiometer you'll notice the potentiometer is changing in real-time on my HMI it's a little bit about the HMI the HMI is a drag-and-drop environment with over 4,000 controls and the ability for you to create your own controls if that's what you would like to do again as I turn take the board and turn it around I can actually see how it's moving the sensors and finally what we do want to do is show you how we can do control as I take the light bank bar and move it you can see again in real time the light Bank is changing so not only have we showed you real-time data acquisition we've also showed you control to learn more about the Skynet etk you can download it right from the synergy gallery and there you will find a full working example of our product full documentation and everything you need to be able to test your application in the real world thank you you

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