Skills Mechatronics Qualifying Competition

students at Humber College gather once again for their chance to compete in the 29th annual skills Ontario competition some teams have returned in hopes of getting their shot at gold after coming close in last year's competition Mateusz kolinsky is part of a pair who hopes to improve their performance this time around at nationals there's a first cell into this and it's two days so there's between two to four tasks between these two days first day we did not do so well and the second they would have very well PI was not enough to get it the first place so overall we finished second which we're very proud of this year we're going for the simples again trying to win first year first provincials and first nationals this year's qualifying forward so we have to win this year to go to 2019 words which are had in Russia competitors this year are big shoes to fill after last year's finalists we're also Humber students made it all the way to the international competition in Dubai it was the most incredible moment of my life by far it was incredibly stressful it was incredibly rewarding it was incredibly frustrating at some points but we came out of it with the best in nation medal for Canada and a bronze medal for world skills and we were hoping to get maybe top 10 so here in Canada called out at the medal ceremonies was just about the coolest thing we had ever heard Humber's Dean of applied research and innovation Darrin lawless has a lot of confidence in Humber making it to the finals again this year without a doubt I mean and this is a little bit of Humber pride I mean gold is is it just too soon for Ontario if we can enter three teams we'd get gold silver and bronze we're only allowed entering two so again I don't mean to be anti Canadian but I'm really proud we are strong I think we will take the Nationals and I think we'll do well in Russia when we go there the WorldSkills competition is held every other year and will take place in Kazan Russia in 2019 Omar Jaber Humber News

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