SJSU Biotechnology

Biotechnology is naturally fascinating because it’s something that’s in all of us it’s in all of life but we understand just a tiny little bit about it. It’s something that is truly our modern frontier of science the benefit of san jose state for this program is that it’s very hands-on and the teachers all have industry experience and it’s a great way to develop your career very quickly teachers will work with students who are interested in extracurricular activities will work with students outside of the regular curriculum I think it’s a very well-rounded program and you learn a lot about all the different things that biotechnology have to offer i’m currently working in a biotechnology startup and soon we’ll be working at a larger biotechnology firm and I plan to continue doing that work and a greater capacity and with my enhance skills from the MBT program i’m very excited about trying things internationally i would like to take these skills and basically go to the world with this degree i think this gives me the opportunity to bounce around and try out different department and see what the best fit is this program really shows you all the different areas of biotechnology with the support from the faculty here comes from their experience and their connections i like to think of this whole program is not just a classroom but it’s really a networking event that goes on for two years pretty much anybody you talked to in this program whose had any hand at all and organizing it we’re making it possible has so much to offer whether it’s just advice or it’s actually a place at a local company or resources for research I’ve just been amazed

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