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welcome to our new e-learning website this video will take you through all of the stages involved in completing our online scaffolding training visit the website at you can view this on mobile or desktop you can browse our selection of modules available and find out more about each course this e-learning site will be available in a number of languages if you firstly need to register with simian international here you can fill in the details required once complete click register now and you will be taken to your own elearning dashboard here you can find your account dressing and the modules available for you to purchase you will need to upload a photo of yourself this is required for your certificate if certificates won't be issued if an image is not uploaded if you're going to have a photo to ham don't worry you can access at a later date through your account stuffing if you are an employer and looking to enroll your employees please fill out this form and we will get in touch now that you are registered you can continue to select a course for future login to the site simply click on the login button at the top right-hand page fill in your email address and password and you will once again be taken to your dashboard from account settings you can also view your exam history payment and that glows a photograph of you that will be displayed on your certificate if you haven't already done so at registration stage you will need to write credit to your accounts that you can take your exams and gain certification to do this please click on add more now in the credits remaining bar choose the credit bundle you would like to purchase please then fill in your card details within the profit box and press pay now your credits will then be added to your account from your dashboard choose which module you would like to take this first page will give you an overview of the module and options to begin your tutorial mock exam or exam to begin your tutorial click on the start the tutorial button you will then be taken to the tutorial tutorials lies are made up of text imagery and animation video once you have read a slide click Matt if you would like to return to a slide please press preview or click on the slide name in the left hand side box and the meat slide details there is an option to download a PDF for further revision read download and work through as content within the PDF will also be covered on the mock and full exam once you have completed going through the slides you will be presented with the option to take a mock exam or take a full exam you can access your mock exam from both the last page of this tutorial and from the module landing page you have three attempts to take the mockers down this is to give you an opportunity to practice and get a good idea of what will be included in your full exam the mock exam is multiple choice it will contain random questions to help you become accustom the style of the exam all answers to mock and exam questions will have been included within the tutorial or PDF handout you will never be asked the question which hasn't been covered once you have answered all questions click Submit and you can see your result you will have two more attempts to take your mock exam so if you don't feel confident we highly recommend revisiting the tutorial to refresh your memory once you're fully confident within material and your mock exam attempt you can move on to the full exam you can access the it down from the end of the tutorial the module landing page or the end of the mock exam just click to take full exam you will have 60 minutes to complete your exam as with the mock exam questions and multiple-choice and once you are finished simply click Submit and you'll be taken to your results if you have failed your exam you'll have the option to retake it once more to do this click on take the exam again if you have passed congratulations from your results page you'll be able to download your certificate then once your certificate is displayed right-click and save it to your computer please don't forget you will not be able to download your certificate if you are not uploaded your photograph to your account

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