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if you are looking for a career that offers variety long-term opportunity and excellent salaries check out mechatronics at Sierra College the mechatronics program is a great course of study for people who like to work with their hands as well as their brain and especially for students that don't necessarily like learning by sitting and listening or reading hundreds of pages in a book although we do have some lecture and some reading the majority of the time in this program students spend learning by doing the cool thing about mechatronics is that it's not one thing you're learning three different disciplines you're learning the mechanical part you're learning the electrical part and you're learning the computer part mechatronics gave me a base in which to grow I went from not knowing very much about electronics at all into being able to absorb what was being taught to me during my apprenticeship that was the biggest thing that I noticed when I started was oh I recognize this okay I can do this recognizing it gives you the confidence of you know going forward and learning more I would encourage anybody and everybody to get into the mechatronics program students can earn a certificate in mechatronics by taking seven classes or they can take general education along with that and get an associate's degree in mechatronics well I think one of the most beneficial things that we do in our program is offer people who have already been out in the workplace an opportunity to come back to school learn new skills that are then directly applicable to vying for more challenging career paths in their future I decided to come back to school so I can learn a whole new skill set that I could now go out in the work field and utilize the skills that I'm learning here are very valuable in finding employment out in the high-tech world that we live in now I think the demand for mechatronics graduate is really huge especially for industrial applications like this there's a lot of advancement opportunities also for people if they so choose what I really liked about the Sira college mechatronics program was the broad nature of the program well all the teachers were very friendly and helpful the other students were helpful I really worked pretty well as a group so it's really enjoyable experience our training is absolutely state-of-the-art we have over a million dollars worth of equipment and it is the exact same equipment that is being used out in industry it's not a student version it's not a learning version it is the real equipment that is being used up to date out in real factories if students are interested in working with their hands and their brain it's a great program you're constantly in a lab building things every day you're learning the theory behind the parts you're working with work and then you actually get to apply them in class and see how they work I like the mechatronics classes because it's hands-on you build things you design things you start with nothing you end up with a completed project that you fabricated designs yourself students in mechatronics program get to use computers to do things in the real world not just interface with the information but rather to cause things to happen motors to start valves to open conveyors to run it's just a very very exciting thing for students to come into this program and learn that computers can do more than just present information to them they can in fact affect real things in the real world the mechatronics program teaches you about the real world field of electronics and industrial automation where when I got here I was ready to go I had a good foundation to build on I wasn't having to stop learn and then continue on I was ready to go as soon as somebody talked about someday I knew exactly what it was that they were already about the opportunities in mechatronics are very broad I was offered a job at the Budweiser brewing plant I was offered a job here and I could have gone to some of other places working with mechanical electrical or you know computer skills I found that when I was looking for jobs I was interested in applying mainly for technical jobs and that I needed to better my skills and get a degree and mechatronics was the answer one of the things I enjoyed most about the mechatronics classes was the hands-on projects I would recommend this program to women because of the great job opportunities they're available my advice to them would just be go for it give it a try if other students are thinking about the mechatronics program I tell them to go to the website on Sierra College it's the real skills real jobs send the instructors an email take a tour of the program talk to the students that are in the program and see what they think about it and my guess is once they're here and they're looking and seeing what we're doing they'll be right on but I want a guy can't wait to get started I think that for students that are dedicated to learning new things and have a comfort level with that there is a lot of opportunity for someone to succeed mechatronics can prepare you for a well-paying and exciting career learn more about mechatronics at Sierra College go to real skills real jobs calm

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