Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2015 Overview

welcome to the Siebel CRM innovation pack 2015 release overview here we discuss a functional overview of the new features included in this release we will follow this agenda for the session starting with a recap of the Siebel CRM customer experience strategy before looking at the release highlights here we see an overview of the optical customer experience or CX portfolio covering major pillars including social all of which combine to deliver customer experience across multi channels such as mobile in-store field service etc and leveraging a large breadth of different oracle foundation tools note that for all of the CX pillar solutions there are also native capabilities within the Siebel application with the exception being social only Oracle can deliver complete end-to-end customer lifecycle solutions that help organizations create and manage great customer experiences across all channels touch points and devices an essential piece of Oracle's innovation strategy is built around acquiring market leaders with best-of-breed solutions and building product synergies that cannot be matched by any other vendor here we see some of the key features that these solutions bring together providing complete end-to-end piller solutions with Siebel CRM playing an integral part Siebel customers are recommended to follow a cloud strategy as shown here adopting the incremental Siebel innovation pack strategy will provide a simplified uptake of annual release potations and features such as open UI enhancements Siebel Composer and industry mobile applications along with monthly patch sets to address any product defects a Siebel continues to advance integrations to cloud solutions customers can leverage the integrations with Oracle's cloud products to enhance their existing solutions when a business decides that a complete cloud transformation to Oracle cloud solutions is necessary this protester break easier due to a Siebel co-existence model enabled through tight integration tubs point the lien to a less disruptive transition Siebel CRM remains the most comprehensive on-premise CRM solution in the marketplace Siebel CRM complements allah calls cloud solutions enabling businesses to choose the solution that's right for them the Siebel product focuses on three primary investment themes based on the feedback from our customers and technological advances delivering seamless customer experiences across the CX portfolio feature-rich solutions to over 20 industries and we recognize that your business needs to be agile with the ability to adopt new product innovations and competitive market solutions into your CRM deployment quickly underlying these free key themes is a need to leverage Oracle's cloud product portfolio and engineered system Siebel open UI provides a new theme called synergy that simplifies the user experience to new levels this new theme together with open UI simplicity allows dynamic styling and branding to create a consistent user experience of over Oracle's simplified UI applications enhancements to the user interface include an intuitive new charting framework allowing jQuery charts in the browser the framework is the first step in our vision to create instant real-time charts powered by the Oracle 12c database providing the ability to aggregate complex chart data across millions of rows in this release a new partner relationship manager portal has been introduced with open UI this will enable users to access the portal in any browser also included with this feature are a new home page with configurable banners and navigational links new artifacts such as partner finder sales order partner portal and product catalog are available in addition new views from the horizontal partner relationship manager application have been redesigned for the high tech industry and manufacturing portal partner programs info center orders and quotes are available the Siebel partner portal acceptor has been has to provide a world-class service portal for government partners often a new streamlined user experience for service providers using a new UI renderer to align with responsive application behavior the new UI includes a customizable news carousel notifications navigational links and sitemap this enhanced service partner experience allows the ability to manage referral orders in a more efficient and streamlined manner review service providers assets agreements and manage service provider profiles the new consumer goods mobile application is introduced to improve sales effectiveness for merchandising with a new homepage UI enabling drag and drop of routes accounts into the calendar and van sales inventory cycle accounts functionality here we can see the new drag and drop homepage to drop the route accounts into the calendar key capabilities also introduced in this release our new account views start and end quote logic and GPS navigation and here we can see the new views for van sales inventory cycle counting Siebel consumer goods mobile application will enable all existing handheld customers to convert to Siebel mobile customers can use the latest devices with crumply retail execution functionality along with the additional native features offered by mobile devices key enhancements to the life sciences in detailing functionality in both connected and disconnected modes are added in this release these enhancements extend the IDI telling solution and give sales representatives a fantastic means to present digital content with their clients and provide a complete close leave marketing process professionals can now launch e detailing from multiple entry points activity contacts and accounts and have the ability to easily associate a contact during the presentation session at any time and record which plan items are attended and by which provider sessions can be suspended with feedback added at a later stage the ability to send a list of presented plan items to providers who attended the session view an email as part of the content follow-up is also added and the ability to create user specific playlists useful when the messaging plan has too many items so the user can use the playlist later Siebel clinical is enhanced in its release with training planning and tracking added to the clinical trials management system clinical trials involve many site professionals who may be spread across diverse geographical locations and need to be trained and certified on the clinical trial requisites this is an important aspect of risk based monitoring but helps companies reduce monitoring costs and expedite the entire process of clinical trials it is the responsibility of the sponsors clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies who are conducting the clinical trials to ensure their site professionals involved a well trained on the ethical aspects and regulations related to the trials it is also a requirement for companies track the training plans to closure and maintain records for auditing purposes ensuring the thorough training plan can be defined and rolled out as an important part of the entire clinical trial planning process a Siebel clinical trial management system introduces a complete training planning and tracking solution in this release the Siebel financial services application has evolved with mobile sales innovations to now include rules-based application capture as part of a mobile relationship management solution additional application capture screens follow the guided walkthrough process from funding product overview signature capture to approvals a key point is that it is critical to accept funding during an account opening otherwise more effort is required to follow up later with paddock risks that the account may not even be funded most banks have separate legacy systems for signature capture and many financial institutions are looking to consolidate the signature capture process the powerful rules engine can provide approvals or a conditional approval and in the case of certain applications such as mortgages which may require additional paperwork and verification an approval or conditional approval is key to taking the customer off the market this means they will not go shopping around with your competitors while waiting for an approval with the 2015 innovation pack we're also simplifying the way we version the Siebel products moving from the four to five part version naming system to a simple two part naming system this will eliminate the differences between the 8.11 and 8.2 to do code lines that is we will no longer be releasing an 81 1 15 and 8.2 2.15 version but rather a single 15.0 release which also corresponds to the current year ie 2015 this will make it easier for customers to differentiate between releases when reporting bugs patch requests or simply talking about their implementation no longer will a customer or technical support be confused between something like 8 1.1.11 patched at 14 and 8.1 1.14 so with this release 8.1 dot 1.15 is simply being referred to as $15 enhancements to the upgrade an increment or possibly merged process in this release includes a great path to support directly or gradings innovation pack 2015 from existing Siebel versions including the ability to upgrade from 2014 to 2015 also added is help content in the database server configuration wizard screens to help customers understand the purpose of each screen it is also now possible to leverage the upgrade ancestor property during our own execution during the repository merge the descendant isn't upgraded in the same way as the upgrade ancestor in order to support the new web-based Siebel Composer mode which is available in this release as a developer preview we are providing a web template migration utility to migrate the data in web template files into the seed or metadata tables key enhancements have also been made in this release to simplify deployment these include LDAP client installation as part of an integrated component the Siebel installer for security TLS and sha-2 and free support have also been added throughout the application this table shows the upgrade path to get to the new 15 dotto release for those customers coming from a horizontal or sta versions of the product who are still using 7.5 dot 3 or 7.7 dot 2 it will first be necessary to upgrade to 8.1 dot 1s a release before upgrading to the new 15 over lease as shown in the first row at the table the customers who are on an SI a version of 7.5 of 3 or 7.7 dot 2 or any version of 7.8 2 or 800 or on the SE a version of 8.1 dot 1 up to 8.1 dot 7 customers will be able to upgrade directly to 15 dot Oh finally for those customers who are already on an industry or si a version of Siebel a Towanda X customers can move to 15.0 by simply applying the 15 dot o patch and running the incremental repository mode process rather than having to execute an entire upgrades data quality management is an integral process if in any application master data management and data governance provides not just data quality tools and process management but seeks to deliberate on behalf of an entire application ecosystem across the integrated enterprise embedded edq access in UCM includes increased business agility for a single dedicated screen in UCM directly to ebq and faster access and configuration of related data quality balls and processes by rendering edq views and functions directly from UCM this delivers a true single MDM application the new list import feature is an enhancement of the existing contact import functionality that allows customers to import greater volumes of contact records from external sources into Siebel Marketing in a significantly shorter amount of time using PL sequel the ability to import the right contacts into the database quickly to be used for marketing campaigns is essential to execute the campaigns quickly and efficiently the new PL sequel based contact import process brings significant performance improvements into the contact process Oracle places high focus on customer ability to flexibly integrate Siebel products into the enterprise this is achieved not only therefore support of adopted open standards but also by certifying on the latest platforms the following stiff occasion updates are included in this release Microsoft Windows Server 2012 r2 Microsoft sequel Server 2012 and IBM db2 Oracle Java 8 runtime support and also Oracle Java 8 is also supported for the open UI client for the latest features and security this is one of the most asked for features of Siebel business agility and Siebel composes introduced in a developer preview mode for this release elements of Siebel Composer we have available for developers to try out the goal is to eradicate both web templates from the SRF these will be metadata driven and stored in the database this is the first step towards our delivery of moving Siebel tools into the web and providing a web based IDE her configuration changes drag and drop of web templates from tools and allowing for multi-user development environments using workspaces to allow for parallel development between teams server-side responsive web design enhancements are included with the Siebel composer and will be fully available in the final release the target for server-side responsive web design and the final version of Siebel Composer is innovation pack 2016 in this release we are including super composer in a developer preview mode the first step to runtime configuration requires a web-based configuration tool Siebel tools is very powerful and has a lot of functionality rebuilding all of that in a redesigned modern web-based development tool is complex and long process and while that process has started already we need something in the interim to allow us to exercise the capabilities provided by in-memory srf and metadata based web templates this is simply a like-for-like exposure of Siebel tools their list applets an open UI based application this does not address usability or simplicity requirements for Siebel composer that will be included final release Siebel composure does not support all of the configuration capabilities that Siebel tools provides today as you can see here in this slide the innovation pack 2015 version of Siebel Composer does not support multi-user development this means that the application does not have the capabilities to isolate changes by developer all changes made for the super composer are global so multiple users working on the same server or we're modifying the same master data again we are excited to introduce Siebel composer in developer preview mode this is our first step to online Siebel configuration for all Siebel CRM information the following destination should be our first point of call the Siebel portal on Oracle comm is being updated with fresh product content on you will also find customer and partner success stories Oracle support also should be a prime resource for any product queries discover the YouTube social channel for more Siebel CRM product insight and keep up to date by following us on Twitter thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed this product presentation

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