SHIFT The Computing Conference 2018 by Alibaba

the gig wire team is here at Alibaba Yuna she China's largest IT conference this is the home of Alibaba founder Jack Ma we're standing on the edge of West Lake behind me the lee fong tower with sweeping views of Hangzhou Intel and Alibaba are partnering on new cloud technologies that are powering immersive media experiences for the upcoming 2020 Olympics together they are reshaping smart manufacturing with IOT and revolutionising the way enterprises utilize IT resources through new hybrid cloud solutions with disparate stack Alliance from ping pong with an Olympian to powering the 2020 Olympic Games using Intel technologies Intel is partnering with Alibaba on the compute power to process high volumes of data and the technology to create and deliver immersive media one of the big announcements to come out of Alibaba Yuna she is the apsara stack Alliance this partnership between Alibaba cloud and Intel allows customers here at the Innovation Center on cloud town to try out the products the Intel hardware and the Alibaba software before they buy Alibaba is taking the public cloud technologies and they will provide that experience to on-prem small medium large enterprises you may not want to go on to the public cloud or to public cloud in general they're now taking those technologies on Prem for them we call it the Asura stack Alliance apps our stack has a kind of deployment way that could deploy Alibaba cloud into customer data center we can support very large computing scenario for customer it has proved performance proved the security improved reliability Intel Xeon not only the CPUs were storage and networking Alibaba cloud implement a lot of Intel infrastructure to build the best value this is the name Innovation Center that our customers try their products before they buy and Sarah stack is running in here live how are you working together to help your customers woman someone she's in love photographer – so she is someone that when they feed her behind the couch yeah she's the woman come to me I'm father chief who took a shock wave in Tahoe wait John can do the cheese and chat amenities ooh ooh la with a hollow you go to the shelter what we announce today with Alibaba was collaboration between our two companies of software and compute assets to really create an edge platform aligned with Ally cloud to enable a whole new ecosystem of developers to be created and nurtured to go solve those problems so it's big announcement for us we've just begun that journey we we started this collaboration last November we've demonstrated it now in multiple factories and now we're making it more broadly available to the ecosystem Intel they provide very good technology Intel's total solution provide the best performance we work together provide best value to customer inside the Intel booth a variety of technologies are being displayed at this data pong tournament a few moments ago I had the opportunity to play against an Olympic speed skater so a couple of announcements that are that came out one is the announcement of the OBS cloud a partnership between Alibaba and OBS to start doing all their broadcast distribution through the cloud instead of doing it everything outside at the IBC as they call it the second part of the announcement of the collaboration and MoU between Alibaba and Intel to leverage the OBS cloud in understanding and collaborating on how we are creating and distributing all of these new immersive experiences we've look at how the games rise over the years the most important asset for any games is how consumers like us consume the digital content so by working with the broadcaster's are obvious in this case we are trying to innovate and create interesting content the ease of consumption and make it more accessible to more audience throughout the world you need to fundamentally think differently of how you capture reality how you distribute and how you create new experiences for the fans at the other end and now you have a an equation that can potentially change the world by using virtual reality and volumetric content and use those technologies of cloud and 5g and distribution and the experience on the front on the user side to fundamentally change how people experience pours window has very immersive VR applications that we are moving and working together to make sure it runs perfectly on the cloud and as we go on you know the televisions that you use to watch the games on its going to get obsolete while looking at mobile devices we are looking at it mostly VRS peers without the headsets and all this experience is going to come to life in Tokyo so this is where OBS call comes in what specifically will you be able to do in 2020 in Tokyo that you maybe work quite able to do in Pyeongchang in 2018 they're going to be specific events and sports that we are going to cover with volumetric capture capability which essentially allows a fan to be on the field during the game and watch basketball from the top of the key or from midcourt and stand and look around as if you are there that capability we are gonna play in Tokyo we've learned about an exciting new partnership between Alibaba and the Intel to bring immersive experience to the Olympic Games in the cloud we've checked in on the latest of Internet of Things and we've taken a look at the apps Parra stack Alliance lots of exciting news here at Ali Baba's unity conference thank you so much for joining us we'll see you next time check out all of our videos to keep our calm slash shift subscribe to our YouTube channel and don't forget to comment we want to hear from you we'll see you soon you


  1. Amado Hernandez said:

    It shit is importan to be a ad ???

    June 28, 2019
  2. Keller weskier said:

    intel? "Best Value?" BULL SHIT
    last i checked the equivalent chip to a Ryzen 7 1800X is much better in pricing vs the Intel counterpart.

    June 28, 2019

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