SERC Siemens Mechatronics Systems Certification Programme

hi there my name's Brendan Merrigan and I am the industrial training manager at South Eastern Regional College so mechatronics system as all four disciplines so mechanical electrical electronic and dead Joe so all those disciplines make up the megatronics system if one part and machine fails the whole machine stops and that's part of the Megatron akiva bellies we will teach your staff how to fault faint repair and get the machine up and run on as quick as possible our Siemens mechatronics course as a global certified training program certified by Siemens themselves and I would encourage manufacturing facilities to come and join our course because it's going to provide your staff with the megatronics skills reinforce the engineering background within your company and definitely increase the folk thing and keep a ballet of your staff we are the only provider and the UK and Ireland to deliver the SMSC P course and one of two providers in Europe Siemens mega tonic course is suitable for a well-grounded machine operator something that has a bit of a technical background and more importantly the engineering staff throughout the problems get the students learn by hands-on and in German that's called hands long competency and that means that the students use the systems approach so the equipment we have at Cirque as a festal MPs which is a manufacturing production system and we break it down into component parts we look at the components we get the data sheet out and see the capability of each component and then at the end of each session we have troubleshooting with the students physically famed the folks on the machine and get them back up and running as quickly as possible throughout the province we're trying to get away from demarcation and manufacture and demarcation means that you're either a spark or affair and all terms the new mega tronic systems and that are coming into manufacturing Cuba Palace companies are no one the one operative effect to go to machine troubleshooter preparer and get a bike up and running as successfully and fast as possible here at Sur we can provide that training through the Siemens megatronics platform to give them all the skills and knowledge and give them the age and industry we understand the manufacturing capabilities out there and how hard as for companies to release their staff here at Cirque we offer a part time under full time SMS EP program the benefits for the company is it's it's a no-brainer for the company because they are getting their employee scaled up and the whole megatronics facilities once they go back to a place of work they can put all these handler and scales and the practice and make your business more successful so there's funding available for some companies up to the value of 75% and it's funded through the Department for the economy so the course is assessed by Siemens themselves so the candidates after they've completed their 30 weeks training they will set an online examination through the vCard portal which is a Siemens registered portal and as a passer field test so that the tests read last year we were successful and had a hundred percent pass rate and the testing is done through the V cart portal which is part of Siemens so insert we provide the latest standard the latest ISO standard and the equipment is available in the marketplace we look at the whole holistic approach of our trainin and we're determined to help manufacturers throughout the province to enhance their capable a for production so at Cirque we've got for Siemens instructors we've got two level 1 instructors and two level to SMS CP instructors we actually had to go to the Technical Academy in Berlin and were trained by Siemens employees so answer we have got for SMS CP instructors – level 1 instructors and to level 2 instructors we all had to attain the Technical Academy in Berlin but we were trained by Siemens employees okay we have worked with numerous amounts of companies throughout the province globally and under national companies to name a few Hooda Mikey my Park well since potatoes we've also had sole traders and from the plumbing industry and the electrical industry if you want to avail of this training please contact circ prefer details

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