Selecting The Right Authoring Tools for E-learning Development

welcome to the presentation on selecting the right authoring tools for e-learning development why to choose the best authoring tools in the marketplace there are hundreds of e-learning authoring tools available we find it difficult to choose the best authoring tools for e-learning course development in this presentation we will discuss the important parameters you need to focus on that will help you choose the best authoring tools for e-learning development let us look at the key criteria to be considered while selecting the tools in the following slides training requirement is the most important factor that impacts the tool selection if you need to roll out a quick demo of the latest features of the product to your sales force or train the global workforce on compliance issues analyze the tools which match your requirement composition of the team and the available skill set is another critical factor affecting the tool selection instructional designers SMEs trainers developers training managers have their own skill sets therefore choice of the tool is based on the developer's understanding of the tools nature of the content based on the content types such as facts process concepts principles procedures select the tool that complements the nature of the content multilingual requirements in today's global context the need for translations is almost given see whether the tool supports this requirement last an important factor to consider is the available development time if you have a very tight time to market for the product launch is on the featured information in this case you must consider the rapid authoring tools that help you in developing the course in a very short time now let us look at a few popular tools depending on criteria discussed and appropriate authoring tool needs to be selected let us know these tools in detail in the following slides articulate is a powerful tool which converts PowerPoint presentations directly to e-learning courses let's look at the ideal usage of articulate ideally we use it to develop e-learning courses rapidly for quick assessments when we have a need for developing quick briefing on the product knowledge for simple scenarios when developers are comfortable with this tool and creative in designing PowerPoint presentations now let us look at captivate captivate allows you to use simulations software tutorials easily and quickly ideal usage of captivate is when you have a need for rapid development of application and software tutorial based courses now let's take a look at lecturer lecture is the most popular authoring tool used to develop HTML based courses very quickly because the tool has inbuilt features you can get professional courses with a very short development time the ideal use of lecture is when you need a rapid development of large content or if multilingual support as needed and finally the last authoring tool is Flash so where is the ideal usage of flash flash is recommended when you have to develop highly customized and complex animations when you have enough development time available when you need much customized assessments it is ideal for all kinds of trainings including product and process training soft skill training and software simulations in conclusion there are different tools available in the market so select a tool that suits your requirement finally tool selection is based on training requirements composition of the team nature of the content multilingual requirements available development time to read articles on similar topics visit blog chem lab India dot-com thank you

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