Security issues associated with cloud computing

welcome to 0-2 pro training calm in this video we will talk about security issues associated with the cloud organizations use the cloud in a variety of different service models the service models our software is a service platform as a service and infrastructure is a service the services could be deployed using various deployment models the deployment models are private public and hybrid there are a number of security issues and concerns associated with cloud computing the issues fall into two broad categories security issues faced by cloud providers and security issues faced by their customers cloud providers are organizations providing software platform or infrastructure as a service via the cloud in most cases the provider must ensure that their infrastructure is secure and that their clients data and applications are protected while the customer must ensure that the provider has taken the proper security measures to protect their information the extensive use of virtualization in implementing cloud infrastructure brings unique security concerns for customers or tenants of a public cloud service virtualization alters the relationship between the OS and underlying hardware the hardware could include computing storage or even networking the additional layer of virtualization itself must be properly configured managed and secured specific concerns include the potential to compromise the virtualization software or hypervisor these concerns are largely theoretical but they do exist the virtualization layer is managed by a central management console the central management console has to be retina guarded for example a breach in the administrator workstation of the virtualization software can cause the whole data center to go down or be reconfigured to an attackers liking thank you for watching for more videos please visit surgical training dark

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