Secondary Education in Mathematics at Penn State Behrend

Our Math Education program here at Behrend takes a really unique approach that focuses heavily both on mathematics
content knowledge, but also on mathematics specific pedagogy…so how to teach mathematics, specifically. One of the benefits of doing our program here
at Behrend, is that we have a really highly active and engaged mathematics
faculty. So our students do get a lot of hands-on experience. We have a lot of
collaborations with local school districts that allow both our students
to go there as well as bringing high school students to our campus. Our
students gain a host of skills. That includes: problem-solving skills that
they gain from their mathematics and statistics courses, but also skills in
developing standards-based mathematics lessons and in implementing those
lessons in a way that’s responsive to their students’ needs. Our degree prepares
students to teach in the state of Pennsylvania, by meeting the requirements for a state teaching license. It prepares them for a long lasting and enduring
career in teaching. Many of our alumni go on to teach mathematics in middle and
high school settings. Others might go on to pursue collegiate teaching; to take on
other positions in school districts, such as principals or guidance counselors; or
to write textbooks or curriculum material. Our majors not only develop
mathematical skills to understand our world, and to make good decisions, but
also to help establish those skills within the future students that they’ll
work with.

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