SDSU Mechatronics Robosub 2018 Video

Carla please into the same cause before you go and walk away mechatronics is an organization at San Diego State University we're fully student-run and we're made up of over 30 members we have people all the way from computer science mechanical engineering Electrical Engineering from all disciplines this year we'll definitely focus on making everything more manageable for testing because last year we didn't get that much time actually testing the submarines as it was being made in factories so some of the improvements that we've made to the software this year is we tried to making a lot less complex and was last year we had a lot of difficulties with it being too over complicated and that caused if she was writing some of the code for some of the missions and some for the sensors a whole autonomous integration overall we simplified it this year so it's a lot easier to write code and it's a lot easier to test so this year we streamlined our computer vision process we have migrated the you only look once algorithm from a C++ platform to Python this has improved our runtime as well as increased the communication between the Python side of the code because now it's integrated within that instead of having two different pieces of software trying to communicate together so this year we can buy the electrical and software teams into one product seat so that we can improve communication between electrical engineering members and computer science members and make a more effective system the ROS the project gives us a chance to actually talk to suppliers talk to you manufacturers make the sign drawings for them to actually make a real product with balance a budget of thousands of dollars so all these things are crucial for actual engineering projects in the real world in an industry and these are things that you don't learn in in any classroom one of the main improvements for the submarine this year is the internal frame last year our wire management on the inside it's very rough and it was difficult to isolate issues so this year we created a full internal frame that isolates all the wires from each other and it makes it much easier to take components in and out of the submarine so perseverance was designed with modularity and adaptability in mind we wanted a submarine that could be adapted to any competition or to be used for research purposes

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  1. Lightning Hits the Ground said:

    It's looking great guys! I love the idea of running the wires through the frame. What material is the internal frame made out of? And what about the external shell?

    June 28, 2019

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