SDSU Mechatronics Club

I'm a big advocate for student involvement
and I think that students can learn a lot outside of the classroom and getting hands on experience and mechatronics was doing big electrical engineering things so i dove in
my very first meeting and I became the electrical engineering team leader and ever since then
it has been a great ride where we learn a lot together we teach each other and i really fee that
we are making SDSU a better place than we had found it the mechatronics club is an organization at San Diego State University that provides students with lots of hands on engineering experience there is two parts to the club we have the robo sub project which is essentially for advanced engineers
and then we have the mechatronics 101 program which is for junior engineers who are looking
to gain more experience so that they can be on the robo sub team we start off with small
scale projects and once we started getting more advanced engineers we wanted to do more advanced things but if beginning engineers weren't able to contribute to the massive projects like the robo sub they wouldn't have a place to go so i ended up training mechatronics 101 so that beginning engineers have an outlet last year we competed in the robo sub competition that
consist of a atones underwater vehicle competing in an underwater obstacle course in the beginning
of the robo sub project we didn't have anything really we were drawing things out of chalk board
trying to come up with ideas we have never done this before so we didn't really know
the ropes and the fact that once we got to the competition ground and that we were able to compete alongside the elite teams you know that felt really good we placed 8th
out of 39 teams and that has gotten a lot of motivation for us this year moving forward the mechatronics club is a very unique club on campus not only do we allow the engineering students in we open it up to any student that wants to learn more about electronics or technology and
just wants to get the knowledge we provide by teaching each other what we know for anyone who joins
this club i think it's very beneficial to them because they grow outside of their discipline
so whether you're an engineer specifying in electrical engineering or anything like that
or for me a business major who specializes in finance you'll be able to learn a lot more
about what's out there you get to know people make friends who knows down the line you'll
be able to contact them network and imagine if we are all this motivated now then we will
be in bigger places some day it's kind of unlocked part of my brain that i don't think
would have happened otherwise had I not had hands on experience it prepares you for the
real world like any other club that i have seen on campus that's why I'm super proud
to be part of it we have amazing momentum going forward and if we continue to be as
motivated as we are all i can see is great things in mechatronics


  1. SDSU Mechatronics Club said:

    For more information, check out .

    June 27, 2019
  2. Brian Ormanic said:

    Very impressive and fun. Congrats on the 8th place and keep pushing onward.

    June 27, 2019

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