Science Unscrambled: Disruptive Innovation

disruptive innovation let's just talk about innovation for a second the core of the word innovation is Nova which is new it's about new things we all know that innovations about new things disruptive innovation is about things that are so new that they destroy the things that have previously existed in 19th century economics everything was as it was in the past only bigger automobile companies got bigger and bigger chemical companies got bigger and bigger but they stayed the same as they got bigger it was a it was a little polar bear was a medium-size polar bear is a big polar bear but in the 20th century the latter part of the 20th century we've changed all of that and we have become disruptive we know we have we have Tesla cars that are completely going to change the way the automobile is structured we have computers which changed the way finance and accounting took place and they have changed the whole rest of our lives we have bio technology that's changed the way in which we've thought about pharmaceuticals those are disruptive innovations they not only create something new but they destroy something old and that's the key and that's the key for why they're important is as well because in economics a lot of economics assumes that as you get bigger you get more efficient and more effective and that's the idea to get bigger and bigger that's the 19th century notion that is not the 21st century notion the 21st century notion is it's about replacement of the old with the new it's not about scale it's about newness that's the importance the economic importance of disruptive innovation for policy this makes a huge difference for international policy not just in economics but in political science as well and indeed in the military think about cybersecurity that that more or less didn't exist 25 or 30 years ago in anything that resembles the way it exists today so this notion of disruptive innovation disrupts economics and it disrupts foreign policy and therefore it disrupts all of us we're where is a meeting house it's a modern day meaning house for all those people involved in innovation in the country whether it's the government whether it's universities where it's industry this partnership the glare is put together is absolutely unique in the country and the most important thing for us to focus on is how the country is shaping itself going forward with this disruption disruptive innovation that we've heard so much about it is disrupting jobs it's disrupting labor market is to disrupting capital markets where is the one place where we can talk about all of those simultaneously at the same time with knowledgeable people it's a unique resource if you think you know what the future is going to be you don't and the one place you can learn about where the future is actually going to be shaped is it the queer meetings where we are talking about the forces at work that will shape the future if you look at healthcare for example and you think about how healthcare is delivered today nothing that we're doing today in health care will look the same in 10 years time you'll be going to the doctor over your video camera you'll you'll be wearing wearable devices on your heart inside your body on your on your joints as if you didn't know when they were aching already you will know absolutely in the future where is about the future this is about the future that's what this serious is about

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