Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

last year the world adopted the sustainable development goals 17 goals for direct action to fight poverty promote sustainable development and protect the earth and its communities from the harmful effects of climate change now the time has come to implement these goals and targets and address our most pressing development challenges the international community has recognized a crucial role of science technology and innovation as a driver for effective change but our success in making a difference will depend on how well we can merge the worlds of science technology and innovation with the needs of the communities and people on the ground so we must bring scientists innovators technology providers policy makers and all other stakeholders together to join the discussions at the UN create networks between the providers of new technology and their current or future users discuss how to stimulate societies into bringing forth new innovative ideas and match technology with specific development goals by breaking boundaries discovering new partnerships and nurturing an atmosphere for breakthrough innovations the possibilities are endless so that the world can have nutritious food for everyone a healthy population cleaner skies and ultimately empowered communities

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