School of Computing and Information

we're actually gonna eventful moment in the life of the University of Pittsburgh announcing the creation of a new school of computing and information so it's no longer the case where we can separate computing from information and so a School of Information Sciences becomes fundamentally linked with computing it's kind of like a groundswell moment if we grab the opportunity we can be a leader in and if Pitt wants to be at the head of this commercialization innovation this school is probably the single most important point to get that all started so I think the new school will be really great I think it'll provide the necessary infrastructure for students to really accelerate their learning through innovation every opportunity you can to be innovative and to be innovative is you know you should really take it and really cherish it because it's that's what the real world is it's not learning from books and it's not taking tests it's being able to create things that actually affect the real world this comprehensive approach to the problems of computing and information I think is the secret sauce frankly for the school it'll provide a signature for a Pitts that other schools aren't in a position to offer if you had waited for another few years we would be way behind the curve so this is the point I think is the inflection point and we did the right thing by going forward with this initiative so the two worlds have collided and that's why the center of gravity becoming the son of gravity will differentiate us across all universities not only in this country but in the world because we have a unique value proposition with this new school the richness of that the faculty will be you know multidisciplinary will have people who are superior in their technical skills superior in asking you know big social cultural questions and it's bringing that together it creates this new structure the students will be rebutted right in the middle of it what a rich learning experience it's going to be exciting for them we have tremendous amounts of data that is coming from the medical school and from the School of Education we have needs to turn this data make meaningful sense out of this data and this school of computing is going to make pit much stronger because now we have the ability we have the core resources to go further in this new world of technology it will usher in a new culture of collaboration where the silos disappear it's more than interdisciplinary research or educational innovation it's beyond that interdisciplinary is traditionally the transfer of knowledge from one to the other this is actually the creation of knowledge together or making new discoveries together and the idea is that the methodological is whether it's computing science information science etc and the domain science which could be biology medicine healthcare right now they seem like separate things but in a lot of ways it's only when they fuse do we really get the ability to solve very complex problems well one of the ways that the new school will set us apart from other research universities is because the new school has this prominent human focus and I am very much looking forward to ramping up the ability to collaborate with my colleagues increasing the ability for both humanists to understand better the information sciences and also bring more humanities back here to the new school so this gives us an opportunity to now march forward on some really tough problems we have the great opportunity to make big impact our students are going to come out of our programs with a degree of awareness a degree of expertise a more global comprehension of the impact of their education in ways that we've never seen before the ability of the new school in collaboration with other units and the University of Pittsburgh can really fundamentally change how students are educated to position them for the new jobs the jobs of the 21st century a student needs to understand this kind of technology and understand the kinds of applications that can be built with this technology the other thing that we can do now I think is drive a different educational experience for our students one that they won't be able to get anywhere else there are there are new requirements and the new jobs that will be created that would seek this new breed of students where they have the analytical capabilities but all those the knowledge of the domains can be able to apply and compete for these jobs this is truly a remarkable opportunity this is not only going to transform what the School of Information Sciences thinks about its discipline but it will give this school exciting new opportunity to really shape society we've already entered an era where technology is not only become its own field it's taken over every other major field many students have to really understand what their return is at the end of this journey and how they can make an impact and very few universities can do this as effectively as we can and make such a difference and we should seize the moment you

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