sBot Speed – UR: The Safety System for Universal Robots | SICK AG

Robot applications have become essential in today’s industry. They are now a common sight in shop floors, warehouses, and assembly lines. But how can you make sure that humans and robots can interact safely in the same workplace? Because safeguarding an application with human-robot interaction is not an easy task. It requires a high level of safety know-how. And not only should the application be safe; it should also be highly productive. All that calls for careful planning and substantial engineering. And this is where the safety systems from
SICK come in! sBot Speed – UR is a safety system specifically designed for use with Universal Robots. The system consists of the right hardware, preselected for maximum performance and a safety logic optimized for Universal
Robots and ready for installation in the Flexi Soft safety controller. It comes with pre-configured safety functions such as reduced speed or automatic restart of the robot motion and the full documentation for an easy
integration. sBOT Speed – UR
Safe productivity for your robot.

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