SAP Innovation Awards 2019

ASAP Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of top companies and people around the globe that used s AP products to transform their business drive innovation and win in the digital economy we are proud to present this year's winners social hero bumblebee Foods is our social hero for actively promoting responsible stewardship of global fisheries resources digital Trailblazer Accenture is transforming procurement into an intelligent solution enabling faster more cost-effective and more compliant purchasing after the merger with US Airways American Airlines implemented a future-proof cloud platform that transformed the employee experience Association a cooperative s argentina's implemented a simple and intelligent way to monitor each stage of the forming campaigns of 50,000 producers Boras on cat leverages machine learning to deliver predictive customer maintenance service to reduce machinery downtime to support changes and shopping and selling habits coop expanded its business model for prediction with artificial intelligence AI Fonterra created EMP a tinder for careers this app helps employees build new skills grow their careers and follow their passions Lockheed solution for the Internet of Things focuses on the company's customers while ensuring that Space Operations and assembly processes for satellite circuit cards execute with speed and agility MIT leveraged s ap technology to improve campus life by simplifying facilities maintenance graduate student funding and parking Munich Re developed risk suite a solution that empowers clients with easy access to geospatial big data analytics Parkland Hospital created a near real-time dashboard that provides 24/7 insights into ER data and optimizes er management cherica's ovo constructed a new industry 4.0 production site making it the most automated salami plant in Europe Purdue's addressing America's college affordability issue through digital transformation to keep tuition at 2012 rates the 49ers created the first and only digital boardroom for a venue that focuses on providing real-time gameday insights across the fans into n journey tu M is advancing the war on cancer in protein analysis through the proteomics DB which revolutionizes the understanding of how proteins interact with drugs harnessing the power of a single digital platform powered by s a ps4 HANA is key to achieving Verizon's promise to increase shareholder value over the next several years the process innovator country garden optimized the management of its overseas operation for a quantum increase in productivity and efficiency and a reduction of cost delivery hero now has automated workflow that provides speedy and effective capital reviews and deployment for projects in this motor company solution accurately forecast the entire production and sales cycle providing improved volume velocity and visibility I telogen say G's solution automates the detection of invasive species through the use of drone imagery Kaiser is integrating Internet of Things data with customer data to deliver compressed air as a service to its customers mat or fom pack smart welding solution uses Internet of Things technology to predict product quality increase efficiency and reduce product costs Murphy oil now has a remote operation Center with real-time visibility into the tracking of tasks and assets through use of a secured multi cloud infrastructure mobile applications to improve the safety and productivity of new Crest's personnel and mining sites and to improve cash flow in game data enables NHL coaches to make real-time decisions taking advantage of over 60 statistics something unavailable on any other sports platform a digital system combining sensor and business data to prevent produces customers from ever running out of Romo aerials and to let experts address mechanical issues before they become problems Co innovative analytics that enable businesses to augment validated centralized data with local insights to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and accelerate development of annual business plans at red bull schnell ek unleash the power of digitization for just in sequence logistics to provide end-to-end transparency and maintain service excellence an overall digital transformation drives new cross-divisional opportunities at Swiss host for real-time transparency with business partners as a result of a merger Swisscom embarked on one bi a project integrating separate data warehouses and reporting systems into a central data and analytics platform that serves as a single source of truth for financial data Village Roadshow now has a cost-effective business intelligence and analytics solution providing a 360 degree view of management and operational analytics for one of Australia's largest entertainment venues industry disruptor X I developed connected battery with embedded sensors that monitor its real-time help to enable remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance improve the revival rate reduce warranty costs improve service levels and innovate excise overall business model next-gen innovator digan launched image recognition sprint zero an air conditioning installation management tool to replace the manual process with greater efficiency improved quality control and reduced cost harris logic built a real-time anonymized and intelligent platform that consolidates and transforms behavioral health data into life-saving analytics that are supported by SI p solutions signify developed a prototype platform that translates light usage into costs for building floor and room a solution with dynamic pricing helps users make better informed decisions drives operational efficiency and saves energy vision Valley developed Latino on si P cloud platform to offer clients a unique one-stop solution to take advantage of existing light infrastructure investments and to push content measure effectiveness and increase promotional efficiency the creation of a safer and reliable distribution network with an intelligent pipeline enabled identification of opportunities to build operate and maintain Aven grids gas facilities more safely and more efficiently honorable mention the submission period for 2020 has started if you're an innovator s ap wants to hear from you

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