Sanjeev Gandhi: on innovation at BASF in Asia Pacific

innovation needs to be close to where the customers are so the former model that we had where we had a centralized innovation platform catering to the whole world is not valid anymore this was the reason why we regionalised our innovation platforms and we have one sitting in Shanghai we have one in the US and we have 100 fix our phone but that was just the first step yeah then we started building up what we call in Asia the campus concept we bring all aspects of innovation under one roof this could be the sales organization this could be logisitics in supply chain this could be obviously our researchers but also our developers sitting together under one roof and thinking about the next great solutions that we will offer to Asian customers and I think this works wonderfully because not only did we invest in the campus in Shanghai but we also a couple of years back invested in a new campus and Mumbai once again close to the customers because the markets are evolving so fast in Asia and that is why proximity to customers is important but also the efficacy of innovation is extremely important and this is something that we have to continue to work on all of this in the end should make us better faster and more responsive to customer needs that's the whole idea basf we create chemistry

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