San Jacinto College Center For Petrochemical, Energy, & Technology

Leaders power progress… Leaders find new solutions to critical challenges…. Leaders build the future. For more than 50 years, San Jacinto College
has served as the region’s training leader for the petrochemical, energy and technology
workforce. With every year, our star and our reputation,
has risen ever higher. Now, with the Center for Petrochemical, Energy
and Technology, we will empower the next generation of industry leaders. Designed by industry, for industry, it will
provide students with hands-on experiences that lead to degrees and industry certifications. In this modern center, students will receive
unrivaled training in real-world labs. And benefit from one of the largest petrochemical
training facilities in Texas. It will feature the newest industry-standard
software…. —two-story outdoor glycol unit
…a multifunctional glass pilot lab…. …conference, training, and assembly spaces…. …advanced control rooms…and much more. The Center will lead the way in meeting the
demand for a workforce that is qualified, certified and prepared for tomorrow’s industry
needs. As an industry partner, this is your opportunity
to help create the future. The future is ours. The future is here. The Center for Petrochemical, Energy and Technology.

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