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Healthcare Informatics broadly is using technology within the healthcare field so it might be a matter of a clinician such as a nurse or a physician using a computer or software to better take care of their patients the master of science and healthcare informatics program is a 36 credit graduate program that students complete over a number of trimesters they take 9 required classes and three electives they choose from a pool of options the program is small and built on a cohort model so that means that students travels throughout the program together which allows for building of relationships and that support network between the students and the faculty members the program is a one hundred percent online and students can complete the program without having to come to campus we utilize a number of different techniques and approaches to enhance the learning in an online environment it's flexible and convenient and you can log in and post your assignments at any time during the week the program is compared with a price which attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and contributes to the diversity of the student body someone who would graduate from this program X as something what I consider to be a mediator or a liaison between two groups of people they are the clinicians those who have direct care of the patient and the technology folks has support the technology will be involved in innovative solutions for many of the problems that are facing the healthcare industry and they'll be central to the evaluation of software and other solutions for their organizations to apply to the program please fill out the online application at the sacred heart university website submit the feet send it all official transcripts from each college attendance submit two letters of recommendation as well as a resume and a 500-word I've personally spoken to some chief information officers cios around the area who've asked me whether your first students graduate so I can hire them to come work for me so even before the students have entered the program I have had some inquiries about future job growth you

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