Rural Access Mechatronics Program (RAMP)

the rural access mechatronics program or ramp program that we have is a National Science Foundation advanced Technical Education grant that we received to help us take our current face-to-face courses and repackage them in a hybrid format to allow us to go to our rural community members my last job wasn't working out it for me anymore and I had the ability to go back to school and so I chose this because I wanted to get more than just a mechanical feel for like the industries it's like I wanted the instrumentation and controls I wanted to work with robotics one of the major advantages would be to take a collection of courses that are typically face-to-face and package them in a way that somebody that does not live in the area that cannot make it to this College daily would still be able to take advantage of and learn from for our rural people it can be a two-hour drive to get to the class so doing that makes it very awkward on a daily basis it would have been almost impossible for me to take those classes but the rent program made it possible for me to do less of a commute and being able to learn and still have time and just have to come to college much less but still get the knowledge that I need instead of coming to Clark College traditionally for a sit-down lecture followed by a hands-on lab they will go through all their lecture materials and do classroom discussions with other classmates that are enrolled in the program via an online format and they will then come in to the lab rooms for one lab session for that class and perform all their hands-on labs right here as if they were a face-to-face student you're learning all of the things that are used in industry whatever it happens to be pneumatics hydraulics electronics motor controls flow control anything that has to do with anything in industry so the advantage is that they get hands-on experience more than anything else as well as the theory body if you're working 12-hour shifts when do you how do you access that how do you go to classes it's really really challenging and a lot of people can't work part time because they need to support a family they need to support themselves they need to pay rent so the ramp program is just such a great way to address this problem so we have employees who want to get additional education want to get to that problem solving that troubleshooting more of the technician type work and the ramp program allows them to do that with the online classes and the in-person labs so it's just been such a success for our employees who've done it and we have a lot more people who would like to do it so I'm really hoping that this is something that will keep going in years to come and in fact that clerk will keep expanding upon it because this model is just fantastic for people who are working

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