Robotics to aid amputees

This robotic arm is based off an open source
project and we started at the beginning of this year within the UQ Robotics Club. So
the arm uses senses which are placed on to the muscles of the amputee and then the senses
basically pick up the electric pulse that the muscles give when they’re tensed and then
at a certain threshold that will trigger functionality in the arm. At the moment the
only thing that’s available to us generally is these kind of aesthetic prosthetic arms
that are just kind of cosmetic and they kind of just hang there like a dead weight and
there good for nothing or you could get a freaky looking hook that looks like you belong
in some kind of pirate movie. So having an arm that’s functional and also an accessible
financially for people, would be a good move in the right direction I reckon. We’re working
with a couple of clients, one is Ben and what we’d love to get from them is in collaboration,
really get a perspective that we couldn’t have on this technology. The end goal for
this project is to actually build a prosthetic arm that adds value to an amputee’s life,
their living experience and something that they actually value that they would consider
useful in their day-to-day activities.


  1. gael langevin said:

    It looks great guys, but why don't you mention it is, this way others could benefit also of all my effort creating this hand. Come and share what you have improved on the InMoov Community.
    Very nice video I will share it on my Google+

    October 2, 2015
  2. Anton Fosselius said:

    why the slack? would it not be more stable if you had a bit tension?

    October 2, 2015

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