Robotics Research Film 1 at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

company called rethink robotics and the but like this is to be able to work in close cooperation with people so you know I can be here with this robot work in this space which is very different from the classical paradigm of you know putting a robot inside the cage and staying away and so on so as a research group we are exploring component technologies that can go into this grand vision so how can this robot make sense of what my activity is in this space so we are going to be utilizing onboard sensing to do some of this but they are also in the process of getting out this space with a 100 camera sensor network array which is going to give us a dense high resolution a visual feed and this allows us to do you know machine learning you know learning from observing the human activities and then turning all of that knowledge back into strategies that the robot can utilize for me personally I would be really pleased if within let's say five years or so we could get robots like this and our software and our expertise to make a system that can go into a nursing home and help a nurse that can go into assisted living scenarios and that's how I think we will begin to have impact at one level you can imagine a robot like this cooperating at let's say I'm trying to put on a bandage on a patient and I say can you give me a hand by holding the other side at another level it might be that you know you have to monitor a patient who's let's say in a critical condition and I have to step out and I tell the robot watch this person and tell me when something's going on at that level it won't just be a robot it will be robot plus many other things so you might have physiological monitors and and that information has to be made sense off by the robot and then the robot has to communicate with me so at this level we are actually talking about teams of human machines working together and that's when many of our strengths come to the fore because some of the things we are really good at is to build the informatics capabilities that go into this level of you know learning making sense of data and then utilizing that to coordinate many different agents and then utilizing that to coordinate humans and artificial machines

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