Robotics Research at the College of Computing and Informatics

We are more interested in the brain of the
robot, when the robot is already there. How to make the robot brain, or processing
unit, to process programs or commands so that it can do things that users want.
So we're more concerned with the algorithmic side of so-called robot programs for the robot
to actually accomplish tasks. For example, I'm doing research in something
called the continuum manipulator. So a manipulator is like an elephant trunk
it's very soft, it can be formed. Unlike an articulate arm, you can only bend
in certain joints, not everywhere. So imagine in an earthquake scenario, the
elephant trunk can actually, like a snake, get into small holes and try to inspect what's
going on underneath, or try to get something out of that much more than
a human arm is able to.

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  1. saltwaterking79 said:

    The true robot is Chapel Hill Phil

    June 29, 2019

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