Redesigning Retail: Enterprise-Wide Data Analytics at One Kings Lane

in order to do retail well there's a lot of complexity in it we're working with huge amounts of data where we can start to tease out customer trends figure out customer clustering and there's a lot of metrics that go into that we have to understand what's your place in the market and what items are you're going to source and are the items that you're going to source is going to drive customers back again and again are they ultimately going to create grow for the business are they're going to be profitable mission at 1 Kings Lane is to disrupt the the home decor industry we have a very dynamic business that can change day to day drastically because we're constantly about launching new product people here are really gregarious and they're very good at what they do off they're amazing manipulating the aesthetics and how we present the product to the customer is off the charts I've never seen anything like that technology has enabled us to become what we stand for as a company and it also has enabled us to grow so fast the engineering team is solving a diverse set of problems there's this exponential growth of data in the company that's being used on a daily basis by merchandisers by marketers by executive staff it's pretty core it is very important to 1 Kings Lane it has been since the inception of the company when you're talking about running as many products as we do you can't avoid using data there's just isn't enough time in the day for people to manually figure out what is working what isn't the time-saving we achieved using tableau is incredible basically anyone in the company can log into tableau server and find data it can save hours a week in some cases hours a day the merchandisers who curate those sales events on our site they say days worth of time and it actually sparks a little bit of competition for the guys that are sitting right there answer I think one of the great features about tableau is that the ability to enable other business users that might not be that savvy or experienced with data to actually look at their own data and make decisions from it people can look at the same thing I am looking and can also be self-sufficient and look at other things that maybe I would not have been able to spot when Kings Lane is a very visual audience you've got people that are very aesthetically minded and if you can't present data in a way that is visually appealing and understandable it's not going to work my favorite way to use to have low is to sit down with someone and that has some questions about the business and actually start explaining things in real time I think that's where tableau shines is I haven't you've worked with another tool that can keep up with the speed of thought you can ask a question and then you can start to tease out the answer to that question in front of them visually it increases her sales it decreases our cost there's a direct impact of all the goals that you might have in your position you can just accomplish them faster and better I think it has a huge positive rippling effect across the org

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