Real Time data analytics – How we build real-time data analytics applications?

I took it and welcome for this new session of under the chicken head today we're gonna talk about real time so tell me Pierre can we do real time mr. canticle yes most definitely and this is one of the ways that took on Turkish eggs because to come to cook is the last man of the die shows you know that in real time if you want an if you need the way we do that is using a future that we call live data where to come to is only used to display data to tell stories and all the data is in your data system which if they are updated in real time we are able to query in real time so if you're ready to do with time we are ready to do real time that's amazing sweet means that in real time I can see might be like very keen to get to the right exactly that's great thank you so much and see you for the next session

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