Rasmussen College’s Data Analytics Program: What You Can Expect

let's talk about the residents and college data analytics program hi I'm Jenna I'm the Dean for the School of Technology at Rasmussen College students in the data analytics program will learn to explore and apply data analytics principles through courses that feature industry standard tools businesses and organizations increasingly rely on data to make smart decisions but to do that they need employees who know how to gather data and process it effectively we're in the midst of a data revolution and that means that there are a wide variety of roles that you can apply your skills to whether you're helping businesses determine the best location to expand to or helping a marketing agency determine their budget for the next fiscal year if there's data and analysts can help with that the best data analysts have a mix of analytical communication and collaboration skills it's not enough to just provide an analysis and suggest changes you're going to need to gain buy-in from key individuals and that takes effective communication our online courses are built to ensure that you have a practical understanding of the subject assignments mirror realistic work scenarios you're not just learning theory in a vacuum additionally our instructors hold regular live classroom sessions you'll have the ability to ask questions and to learn from their work experiences when you're taking classes online you're going to have plenty of support along the way but it's really important for students to know that they're connected to their faculty the entire time when you're learning online you're not learning alone learn more about the data analytics program at Rasmussen College by visiting Rasmussen edu

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