Randa Perkins' Why Informatics?

informatics is going to help us get to a future where precision and personalized medicine become the standard of the year as CMIO at Moffitt I get to work with a team that helps really bend the EHR to our will to provide better care for the clinicians and any patients so I truly fell in love with medicine when I was observing a family medicine physician and you had patients that have been in these clinics for decades and charts that were inches thick sometimes with archives back in the old favorite charts knowing that the system was capable of so much more I felt compelled to try to fight for that better health informatics helps us make sure that we not only provide good care for the patients in front of us today with having the right data at the right time but that the data that we collect from that care interaction provides results and research data for the innovations and discoveries of tomorrow I come from a long line of nerds and I'm proud of it my mom happen to be a programmer way back in the day and she got me into a technology focused high school and so I took C++ in Pascal the same way other people take a foreign language I love the sciences and I loved the idea of being able to help people with science so I leaned towards medicine it's funny how so much of our past kind of comes into play in our future I didn't know my experiences with my family and my stepdad would play into my future career when he was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer it was a huge shock to her family especially on my mom who was his primary caregiver she had to take around tons of Records everywhere I knew enough to be worried I tried to answer as many questions as I could from my family but I didn't have all the answers so that contributes to a lot of what drives me forward to improve this process for everybody to make it better for everybody step-down mom herself how do we improve their care and make sure they don't have those same inefficiencies that we had to me informatics is a crucial catalyst that really drives the reaction between the two things that we need the data and okay one of the things that impressed me the most about Moffitt was their dedication to informatics and recognition of informatics how it can contribute to improving the electronic health record they've got everything from integrated mathematical on ecology evolutionary oncology biomedical informatics clinical informatics so many different ways to analyze the data to really act as a voice for that data physicians have always been involved in the improvement of medicine back to creating new surgical tools or procedures there's people who are dedicating their lives to making these discoveries to using the data well and to making sure that we're using it wisely appropriately for our patients so why do I love informatics it combines so much of what I love the technology side the patient care and it's got such an impact that I know every single thing I do contributes to that bigger picture and that's very fulfilling for me you

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