Rainbow Six Siege – Clutch with IQ (Black ice)

why is there a drone on your hand I do not know why that is super glitched why is that there guys welcome to my first video of this vacation holy hell my god I'm so freaking tired this past week like the previous week I've had winter camp and I might I might be too close to window so hold on a minute so I've been basically glacier care for the past week and I have been busy tests every day I've had homework I had some stuff that I need to go after or I actually like to learning to get this kind of stuff in my head but since I'm on vacation like since I'm on vacation for like me I'll be getting more videos what a war literally what a war I'm not even joking right now I have been going through what it felt like to me right I don't know what it was like back then what I felt like I went through the First World War I felt like I went through the Second World War I felt like I've gone through the Cold War I think I believe it is and or any other war since or if I can make a war out for myself a nuclear war underwater war the Cold War which I think it might happen in history but you guys get the point I have been great of all of my energy that I ever had was this little she's a little out of energy I hadn't left now in today's video I know this was like a long time ago but I just want to say thanks for this guy if you guys are brave my discussion tab I'll put that up I will put that up on the screen for you guys we'll see you guys having fun yet like I really have to like figure out how this kind of stuff work how to let people know that I put up like a discussion like you guys go to my channel he's gonna do is go to the discussions house guys will see that I put it up a message there so if you guys have not seen it yet I also set up on the screen for you guys and no no that item that I have put that up like I think I think like before my exam started I'm gonna share this place with you guys the preview that you saw in the beginning of the video I'm gonna show the entire look this guy has thankfully standing anyway so just shut up – just shut up – the guy ripped on which you guys think I look like guys go check him out he's also in a discount store I will put up his name also on the screen for you guys you guys want to watch what the discord stuff like that or you know what you can just like watch the video like or dislike yeah anyway so I'm gonna put up this the video for you guys well I launched with IQ I was during that time when that thing with that livestream that during that lies Jamie was I had I received like a black eyes and if you play rainbow succeed you will know that a black eyes Mokes I will put out I will put like a photo or a picture on the screen for you guys to see what my IQ lmg gum looks like what I'm scared so there it is there it is look at that okay yeah okay also you guys will see like in I think the bottom right of the screen I mean like like kind master have been giving me so many problems I did record an exam vlog but every time I wanted to export it I perceived like problem after problem after problem so that's why I did not upload like my my third my third examination was and after that the last week of my exam has been some horrible that's been so garbage I'm not even I don't even want to talk about it but it's all over I'm on vacation and today this this video is going to be about the time I clutched with my cute and remember succeed wish a black guy his his people video man enjoy I don't know I was wondering why it's like that he's destroying she's destroying it what are you gun yup yup yup yes why is there a drone on your hand I do not know why that is super glitched why is that there

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    Song used in this video: Neffex – Careless

    "Did you guys like the way i made this video ?? Lemme know here in the comments section ;p

    June 27, 2019

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