QUT Mechatronic Engineering student, Amy Gunnell

Nick: As an engineer, anything is possible. Engineers create, and they provide solutions
to real-world problems. At QUT, your engineering degree is all about
the real world. So now let’s hear what it’s like to study
Mechatronic Engineering. Amy: Hi, I’m Amy I study Mechatronic Engineering
at QUT. Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical,
electronic, and software engineering and it comes together to form robotics and manufacturing. I chose to study Mechatronics because I really
liked robotics and the whole systems-integration thing, not just focussing on Mechanical or
Electrical, being able to combine the two which is what’s happening so much in industry
now. In first year they give you a wide variety
of common units which everyone has to do, it’s great to be able to work with the civil
engineers and the electrical engineers and mechanical engineers separately to really
get that whole project feel. There was one project in particular in ENB150
where we had to build a crane and it was really great to work with everyone and sort of have
a pretend project that we could work on all together. Second year in Mechatronics you get to start
building robots and the first one is a line-following robot. They give you a set budget and you have it
work together as a group. You can either choose to focus on one bit,
or focus on the whole thing, and bring the whole system together and integrate it with
everyone. In third year, this was actually my favourite
year, you get to focus more on control and look at more detailed parts of the robots
and then do another project again later in the year and bring it all together again as
a group – and that’s to build a soccer robot using an android phone which is quite
exciting. So in final year you get to combine all the
things that you’ve learnt throughout your first, your second and your third years into
one big design project – this is called a capstone project or your final year project. Mine is based on the human machine interface
to a solar car. So I get to work on the steering wheel and
an interface for the driver to be able to get all the feedback from the car. It’s cool to work on how we as a human integrate
and work with robots. So to graduate as an Engineer, Engineer’s
Australia requires you to do a set amount of time working in a company, this is called
Work Integrated Learning. For me I worked in an in-flight entertainment
company working on automated testing systems for different parts of the vehicle and also
with an Engineering company on a tender. It was really good to get my hands dirty in
some real engineering and looked at all aspects as well. Some of it I got to work on design, and other
bits I worked on the commercial side of the project so I got a great amount of exposure
to all of that to set me up for the real world. One of my favourite things about QUT is all
the other opportunities you get. It’s great being able to be in such a great
community where these all these other experiences going on, and being able to collectively learn
off each other’s experiences. I’ve been a part of the motorsport team,
a part of a solar car project; I’ve been on exchange over to Canada, and also on a
trip to Shanghai and Tokyo. I got to go to the BMW design lab in Shanghai
and then also across to Tokyo to see the big car festival that they have there, as well
as go to a Yamaha factory and see the production of some of their bikes. It’s a really great opportunity just to
go overseas and see not just the engineering stuff but also being able to get in there
and view some of the culture too.


  1. maran tamil said:

    I'm studying B.E mechatronics engineering in India how to i get mechatronics job offers in abroad ? please reply

    May 22, 2019
  2. dave natch said:

    What a great university! I cant wait to apply there!!

    May 22, 2019
  3. Ahmed Aljunaibi said:

    Is all students have that opportunity to go abroad, or just those with high grade ??

    May 22, 2019
  4. belen lumapas said:


    May 22, 2019

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