Quantum Cloud Computing with Self-Check

in traffic planning weather forecasting or molecular biology today's high-performance computers are not sufficient to precisely calculate systems with a large number of particles this limits the accuracy of simulations innsbruck quantum physicists are now ensuring that previously unsolvable tasks can be solved they have developed a quantum coprocessor that takes over the complex part of the calculation it is based on a quantum simulator it's computationally extremely expensive to describe a full quantum system with many many particles on a classical computer because the the parameters needed or the effort needed to describe a system with many particle States exponentially with the number of particles any material consists of many atoms and not just many but like thousands or millions or even millions of millions of atoms so if I have an exponential number of states for these millions of millions of atoms there is no way I can store the states of these atoms in the computer so I just cannot do this simulation on a normal computer on the other hand if I have a quantum system like we have here in the lab this also has the same number of states available to itself so the you use a quantum system which naturally can store so many states to describe another system where you need so many states to store it an example a light bulb can have two states on and off two light bulbs can already have four states two of two on and one on each 20 lamps yet have more than a million possible combinations to store the information to sort the whole information of a system with only 70 qubits it requires about a SATA byte of memory and this is more than entire humanity has available at the moment the Inspiron quantum physicists of the Austrian Academy of Sciences combined classical computers with quantum technology they use a programmable ion trap quantum computer with twenty cubits as coprocessor it basically combines the advantages of the two other ways to quantum simulate systems so an analog quantum simulator has the advantage that it can simulate large systems so quantum systems with lots of particles in it the digital the quantum simulators that has the advantage that it's somewhat Universal so at least in theory you could simulate any quantum system so the reason of doing this is that we want to basically mimic a system that we want to study so we want to maybe study a material and want to find out how good is this at conducting electricity these are things which are very hard to calculate on a on a normal computer but this quantum computer could in principle calculate is for you unlike normal bits quantum bits can have more than two states besides 0 & 1 almost everything goes in between and that makes them very interesting for calculations the quantum system professor are complex quantum states this could be for example by entangling our ions or rotating individual ions in certain directions and this complex quantum state is then read out and the to gain data is sent to the classical computer the classic computer then interprets the data and the quantum computer which fronted state to prepare next whether the results of the quantum simulate to make sense can be checked with the help of classical computers the calculation of more than 20 qubits is hardly possible with today's computing power it is therefore important that the quantum system can check itself and it is this self verification that the Innsbruck researchers have succeeded in doing for the first time so the problem with the quantum system is is also they're very fragile so like very you have to isolate them very well from the environment so any little disturbance can destroy your your computation that you are doing so it's a very sensitive device and if there is no other way of checking if the answers are correct like you cannot do it on your normal computer then well usually people would say well I just been built another experiment and I do the same experiment and then I check if they agree but what if they don't agree then you don't know which one to choose well you can build a third and a fourth etc but the advantage of our method is that we can independently of any theory we can on the quantum system itself we can already get answers of how good are the solutions it produces so it will give you a quality estimate of the results this success is also based on the intensive cooperation of experiments and theory at the inspiraton Research Center and the scientists already have another goal they are working on a quantum computer with 50 cubits

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