QNAP SSD technology & applications explained

hey what's up guys welcome back to unit live broadcast from our headquarters here in your Taipei and resin and here today with us is Ripple I don't know how many beautiful yeah I'm good you I'm fine so what do you think about this live broadcast we will see you again yeah baby baby yes of course so let's see there a slice for today yeah and we're going to talk about the qnap technology we're going to talk about the kidnap SSD and applications on it to explain it more that's why we have a report to talk into more details also about has more details about the software part yeah it's actually a recap to all the SSD technology that allow we have different so far okay use right now we know how many users no need to come so you say as it is primary storage okay so let's see what we have in the engine I have to press this twice yes we have a very good and amazing here animation is RDR display design areas and then we're going to have the first part on introduction of the SSDs performance and we will have a demo video demonstration on how much finesse is the increase in the efficiency yeah this I will use a different demonstration we use to allow me to which the industry standard performance of various yeah so it's different from before but the result should be less end result should be the same and we're gonna use your computer for that yes use my computer directly yeah and then we have a related product introduction of the QNAP and the SSDs and QNAP specific as is the application software yes so how to choose the right SSD for my application mm-hmm so would you tell me how would I choose this right after the formal application yes okay okay so you can see that we have so many different intensity brain okay for example right now we are a little for us we have a SLC MMC a TLC so far they all have a different incapacity interest in cost of course so it's very important that us to at least please slice not mistake people because you just want to let we know let everybody know today well walking through this slide from a user who's a Spence just wanted a revenue yesterday is not always there fast there has different integrity for example most workers ask question from using sir I have to say SD Pelican since performance is not good why and that reason is because maybe user choose the cheaper and higher capacity per the consistent with since Louis kilos the SME okay so there has many different as ad on the markets that uses shoot a bow and also love we actually have a different interface right now before he has a sauna and now we have n dot you PCIe and even you that you latest in the face you have a right now I have a specially logical interface in via II and Lycidas community encoding we hire even capacity or performance differencing there has so many tie of a different s ad on market right now yeah but today's we have this record because we know that even in there has so many different of a city density prices continue falling you can see this report from centers key study right now for Santa ad we 500 yes compared to 500 gigabytes HDD s any prices is even lower 250k body price is lower financials HPV this is price per gigabytes and so the major difference again because every an HPV is still and rendered performance you see there has about 200 points higher in Windows ideas for those of you who is naturally about renting how is most efficiently used when you evaluate for simple web server or for some other database because we've had so many file line you need to continue our pious mean improve our per second yes yes we should meanwhile searches performance in handling so many small input output every second so hierarchies of course is a better story okay okay it's early season you slide because previous like we might check already the other live stream but it is new we do some money piece of market survey the reason why we want to have today's broadcast is because they are from the market survey we know even if it is in the same type in C for example MLC the price range is still very high so even as embassy in Cairo and same some Kissin careful a range of 15% first difference and it's 10 happen to TOC and qlc so this right now is why and the reason is that why we may need to consider our story or consider a server beside from considering which SIV we want to use because because different as any habit of quality and how to mix like make maximize recipe potential inspires in one means of matter is by choosing all right to serology server ok my 17 are doing of course say by spring to our topic is not choosing you know not that it is one of your best first later we will see like we have a triangle in the slash it's called kidnap technology yes yes which we to actually tell people that you can utilize qnap yes yes access the full potential of the SSD as you were saying yes yes okay so after seeing this let's have a recap analyst chapter very sir beside I said you have film price range but still we can see that you use to choose yes I mean you need to consider STD type and also application how you want to use for somebody else e Inc that's your standard it's more suitable because you have a very high consistent performance you might be suitable for example the hottest topic today actually yeah yeah it must work yeah this is what I training you not you need to consider it for example if you see like us in here yes a I did Holly much lease me this mean that you have a so many data and you need to find some ways to story for the computer to come in and read and you see to training your area module right at last what data a I think I liked me before a I training you not only need to read that data you still need to it also really provided result buying to learn your lesson so you not only fast rendering performance also need fast render right performance rights right reason that we recommend actually difference as a defender or recommend we use a for example LCD or even list SLC to do a I understand training because we had you can not only help you to relax or but also write fast and training bus it should train your am a bastard so for example we have a training school system scholarship for SNC for SLC SME and we have a Petridis earnest of cash the general business application can use mlc and consumer-oriented special for summer studio and video editing I can choose T or C you have post high capacity and reasonable performance of course right now we have a consumer log book and a data like most required to store update house and maybe performance is Right performance is not a major issue they can choose the QL see ya she only sees just a quick recap on we shall see which yesterday you can choose let us move to comparison competition yes here we list qnet and of course another vendor major fenders analogy yeah we rather than directly this yeah you now is now Gemma's a very famous company also a problem Taiwan because they are all based in Taiwan yeah right but compared to you soon as Yemen's sale iPhone is table you had so many different technology lately – yes ad for example a study of of opportunity are totally necessary cash we have a force fi city cash we have not only we only really write we also have a run only cash ok and we have a sed increasing increasing drive and and along we a lot of habit for example we have a queue and to Carl our supporting not only intensity but also can give ya all those technology I want why I want to say it's a teenager system provided I'm more willing to try the new technology employee quickly Quran user native who SAV forgive me now right now in this SME tree from this computer table of course I also check the function but for my computer system contains the more reasonable choice if you want to use you maximize the potential of the recipe especially as I see here like SSD management kun app is doing a much better job in this part and as you have the health monitor tool there are monitoring solutions that you have is providing maybe where the other vendor is still not as advanced SQL yeah yes yes so that's one reason that today we want to recap our I said II take another because there's just too many technology maybe user can not see the difference from other solar difference and let you know why we can be one of your best choice ok ok so but before let me before the introduction on all harbouring and how we are eventually I will just quickly see a live demo I'm using our meter so we can switch to that yes which to the demo please all right here ok so from here you can see I have of an acute he s interface and let me see the CSUN status are using a TeamViewer you can see that Lacey's TS one to a three X you only see Sarah c'mon man ask for for SMB or even pieces it has internet he has a 16 gigabyte of memory brain so it's quite a device for a business user and let me open this storage ensnare shots yeah it will be a little bit slow because I'm using TeamViewer and I connect you are kidnapped 33 and from here you can see that we have 12 drive and 4 is a city cache when you see a static cache and then we created in 2000 the Cecil Holland does not have a city cache as you see there is no flash icon and another data file until he has a detaching a poll the rest of it is a test I have created in q2 r a5q create those two different quality yes one has dedication the other has not ok so it has the appellant who has a share folder line and snd which mean it has a city cache and I don't know Sode does not have an asset in cash ok this is a Christ in phone right so ok they'll keep keeping his face and then we use our meter okay people will use a generator before Divya for all of them on right but AJ is a performance test too rapidly for screenshot or through pools yeah but the major differences we see inside is stock as adequate improvement and out ps4 out to 100 even 200 I come here to HP be so right now let me just show you the physical interface of our material here I already cut it to the foolishness we tanky and we send out so you can see there has two neighbors right here why is long as any polymer another sensitive over love we have creating the mass so let me study this now as a devoted we say that is this sighs this better instead resolve when you transfer to the body being 100 Eri so this sees the nest read this insurer RPS is done directly trying to restore this Windows has 64 GB of RAM but is still smaller so we can show or they double go to the nas storage eternity and we have a set for our standard especially when we test wreden patent la here Isis better we use 4k a little personally and 100% right so he's basically a rental right performance test less tree that we saw over a long as the history of order okay never with asked oh oh ok become list and I saw this you guys see the performance we all SAT cash is actually just nothing to say it's just HTTP performance minus VB maybe have a 100 to 200 our peers and so you can imagine that when you have 10 or 20 users are continue to writing data into these in a house with this obvious of course this fortifier user is okay but when the users increase the user will feel something a you see some because you cannot handle so many i/o and saying hi okay so obviously novel is HDD performance let me close this and the old part it is target least I choose to I said senior share folder and try to demo so again you can see the result okay all the thing is the same and press test okay let me send you a range – okay so you can see the performance difference I will add any cash yeah one comes really science improvement in yeah so the difference really Cecily cash and our as the cash have a different technology of course but this simple method ekaterina can lay your server be greatly outweigh from one sis and i can only be supported or is it four out of five people is suffice over to maybe 100 people yeah so this is just a demo tool as a d'caché before we end we can check that in cash generation i used for st east and so as addy I also use over professional please for 20 percent very simple use rate and help to ensure that all continue wreden rise the performance will not draw even after long term of usage because they have a higher of a Papa gentlemen which we will introduce later we are Connect technology so let's play go back to the slide all right thank you yeah so let's see what we have next yes so far them oh we already see La even with the simplest SAT cache configuration let it now season can be it's totally operated a puff of ice okay okay honey time avoider so that was just a starting three-sport what technology we can utilize we are q9s so these are kidnap technologies yes yes okay first of all you hardware you can see if are entitled already they always support that the PCIe yeah yes so if you are you can insert the PCI yesterday into our analysis to be as a cash or ass acute here and here you can see that beauty we also have period end up two slots on different model for example 82 s 73 those you can use to do a secured here or as a cash to necessarily you artists and performers and finally we have this joint dead take two AAA yes yes it has labors to you that to debase now allow you to as we mentioned do a are you training yes I guess this machine the whole purpose are mocking interest using this machine to try a person your module right yeah okay we can train this one we can utilize also other software that we have in the Connecticut yes yes yeah so not even a half of software from hardware you can already see our company reporting the latest census a technology and next page now you see not only on how well an answer that we provide we also have assembly as in its car for somebody's qnt it can be inserted we end on to SME to in spending urine ass space and you see a Sin City casual even qu even if it has no enough stuff right now we have a new current across which not only just have a diversity small also and I'll use it can every attendee yeah because we know that if you only have a disk one one Guinea where is gonna work out right so we have a higher speed network and in that intensity become pi which is Q a new car and of course right now here's some detailed aside we have a different Q a new car we support both Saha and PCI interface so because the p-xylene visit faster but you can choose to do whatever you want or even komali we take me okay so here our cue to car is actually a lot users love our key card not only because it can be in certain young ass person because she can be inserted I also just recently noticed is that our current economy so in the other system for several windows 7or leader server you notice we should do more promotion yeah of course for attending high in to install additional they will try but right now police windows or a meanness if you want to cure a few if we want to have a tanky or additional in a personal you can simply purchase how Q net feeling to Carswell an essay on your server yeah very useful yeah I think it's very are is actually very good for people who want to ascertain their assistant major system performance even SMBs they start they can utilize this yeah okay so we are not only focus on Nass we also have those tools are called user to argue manager to increase the stipend piece I've on that also on the server okay and so we list queue and to cry we can lift the 3.5 each starts to insert more hobby you instead the other entity while you're saying this community car to creating a city cash and also allocute here our solution no okay yeah and recently we also have an a to to to Saturn to at least a 2.5 inch SATA to end out who sat I'm doctor yes nothing yeah yeah this we also allow you to utilize the limited staff wait so we only have one Stein you want to create a cache you can also use English you see that you have external ray I can still create a protected maybe a protective history cache very simple and it's very beneficial you only have a limited start we also have list you that you yeah ok I really are you that we you got to a doctor allow user to along with a 288 a to use it up here only you Dan Houston also different technology wheeled either I am we try to explore its own user can have a different possible complication and next less into this study to explore a usage case is a from this scenario from this chart you can see that the a study the working temperature actually effect SATs endurance you can see that when I study is working in 40 degree which is normal working temperature for SD it can last standard measurement saying I can work for one year actually should be more alright but it's just for a study that okay we see that from from SS we see that you can last for one year but when the degree raise to 4 is about 80 or 85 degree you can only last for today yeah yeah Solis endurance Tavares coasting by because SAT you know si s DS working in the electronical method compared to hobby right so when you need to change later how you need to change the footage in silent SME and lost almost your tronic all seem overwhelming whether higher like I said it just cannot tolerate so many changes solar enjoys will become lower and so it's very important that we have a cooling system when we are doing almost all those device and almost NASA so when we try to use her entity so here's a yeah something technology I would want to also tell you so first of all you can see that we show a doctor again Esau for example is two point five two and not to a doctor use now you see like your hair is some special material because with this frame with this aluminum alloy you take actually construction better heat dissipation yeah right yes so Allah is not quite obvious technology actually we also work a lot easier to to install and you can use the SIV with higher performance in the security and safety way certain institution first thing second thing is I asked already are this to provide is we need system also help to ensure a lot Esther deal of working listener as can can have a continue being a lower temperature beside from the Howard aside our suffered also help he also continued to tell the SAT chemistry okay and it went as the D temperature all in a scrimmage is going higher is at least fan we're working faster to ensure that he can be continuing a cool environment so with this what we call this title apartment alloys compartmentalize come smart cool yeah so the constant points are in every design on air so we try to learn as a B to do leverage to maximize their potential with these cooling system yeah because one thing is are some vendor internally when they come to us and discuss it also mentioned I went uh well I said it had sake working temperature is too high it will decrease in performance automatically control a CD we're not broken yeah yeah yeah actually this is quite an internal spec of as a defender but hoochies now we are not willing to see because when users are going back to say you know I pressure is as a DA in performance it all begins very precise and every time lower than what happened yeah I was thinking about is this Nancy issues actually this is a he's inspecting the yeah so we wanna make sure laughs whatever for from assistant and dual-driver as a stock vendor or even a test test vendor we have somebody I said in our lab with an ass already right we want to make sure that as it is working in the best condition to make sure that the killer of the NASA the cannot NASA actually provides the perfect environment for yeah yeah the otherwise our test test engineer will also company to a lien and he and why the yeah so we have a hundreds of R&D in his trailer every Comstock is being rich that we can have a bring all the best performance ability as simple as about another simple showing the unique you a new car we have so many different component on this tiny device initialize that they can become including you including a fan and including the penile finger really feels sinker yeah somebody thing yeah okay so after introduced Howard technology that's harmful software technology and the first thing that we show is the a city of opportunity we already releasing four points 3.6 I see it's very clear to the user right now already different entity have reserved different space for so I can have a better tongue better complication which if we don't know what I mean next I will tell you once covered equation right now we all know that because the unique coloration difference the density will reserve some space to improve is internal operation and for more advanced study for example as it it'll be used in the last century let maybe we serve more space is what we call about Virginie but why so here is last rila we will introduce a nice pour this over pavilion concept okay okay first before you go I will ask you so you suggest people to reserve more space forever provisioning yeah of course it is better to reserve some space in yesterday but maybe not more because if you reserve up to but it's about 81 I do yes basically basically you can say is if you research some space you can help to improve the right Brendon right performance the rent every performance will remain the same because the customer will show an X so if you're only used for a simple rioni cash is better maybe better not to use over property because you only care about a repo bonus right yeah so you know that's we also have our own unique tool Coursera profile cool how do we say this I love this / / fishing Elmo but right now let's just understand the basic concept okay so you can see that here is a supervised as the deep blocking has maybe different pages inside if I want to write six new data and this is what happened you have some research space and when you want to write the data I can write the date – reserved space but only my States cannot be writing yeah the reason is compared to you HDD that when you write new day how you just need to erase an override the instance page in you know as addy you need to erase the whole block before you can run new data which means not even if I you can see earlier said bring block green page right you can have some date how I still need to be used but if you have no place to pay to put those data green date house you cannot block because you cannot automate the least use of data right and when it is tired or even ended up in hopanoids yes so actually well in real world how SAT work is that when you try to write six new data into this into necessity it will need to move existing data to learn of a participates first and then we write a little Heindel over burn in space and then he do the calculation and cleaning loss block and then the new data can be right into the ad is this out how he do to each how the over-provisioning work so to ensure that I said he can have continue writing new data into his sales so he's concept because we see that the density help we see order to write six new data but in fact you need to write ten data you need to move something this is what we call vacation right and probation yes okay this is a professional turn but I just want to get you know that this is why we divide because you're over proposing well if that's not just you see that we list of open space you need to do more computation you find a performance and we list write em right yes in me too I need to write more time and velocity endurance will become lesser yeah it will hurt the endurance of the SSD yeah yeah yeah formal stuff yeah yeah yes so we Mauro P let us see how our vision can work if I have a little more space yeah so this is just a very simple when you have a reset more space and a little bit of course it can be it can only store this it happen let that can be right there Davi okay yeah so this is a scenario when you are using a reserved over-provisioning space yes you see more of a possibility yes and of course the ad CEO later he need to do as a b-tree which is something like ultimately cabbage condition you can try to move these two green data park block into below Solon who knew so upper two new products can run new data with me but right now just in that moment in a moment when I said you need to write new data when you have a more Riesling space you can run this yeah yes so this is a simple concept of over papazoni but let's let's see the professional report from difference a defender is a for example spent lots to do proper pi by make wrong and you can see lon double AF which is the right of applications interesting and it's become higher when when there is ope which need a desk what most ways he's been using the desk yeah and when you reduced along null and said he can be used the space that I said you can use W has become is lesser and for the right track we can see that we need less usable space and more reserved space of course that tall litera by rights he's become largest which means are the total they'd have locked me right here yesterday has become address sorry life it yes of course yes it's not good actually okay now of course many people may not think about this but you thinking all you by the way yeah it's very great okay so right now in not just in as the defenders report from our lab you can also see that we have some tests and some result for somebody can see how the same somewhere as a de when we reserve more of a community space the performers English arts you drop very quickly when all of them in his face he's been starting to work and all the calculations started to work but when we have using the overpopulation for up to 14 percent so the SAT performance has become at least user customer list and so on yesterday and he can reach the spec of our industrial SME yes and beside for single eyes that it has whistled heads for some Americana city in we great wine because a sialic acids performance without brave one we all moreover buzzing Oman is performance become better okay so to summarize of course the SAT has can be benefit from these over pushing the question you asked at the beginning he's very good is a we should reserve more space no because he's depending on the ad whatever you supporting whatever you have a cool company collector engine and he also depending on the decision right even asus may be home as may be good to 98 degrees or so many Israeli because the performance will be limited okay so here we have a provider Esther Depot fine tool which I'm very proud to say that right now still only Kuhn and provide such too long yeah maybe the other vendor C is now important maybe we seen it's very important that you can test the SATs consistent right performance on your QA and us directly we need to perform and provided to a test yeah I think it's very important to be aware and know what is happening with your SSD and your data and how to actually utilize the maximum of it yes yes so this is the deeper finding to help user to again makes my city we need a purchase or you can simply just borrow a city for the pendency anyway proposing that we just return a a.d the stand you say even purchase when ass simply to cast yeah that's my scenario yeah so this is a very convenient tool and let's move to the next topic is of course i believe that user who watched our live streaming already know QT yeah yeah actually just one thing I want to focus on the key points are be cute here because compared to a city cash it has a used a CD for a duration but let it has actually only copy to as a teen stolen esterday capacity can have been used before least I try to conceal a de-esser these capacities combined with an HDD ray so actually we killed here you sir can you sing both video as a big capacity this is not more and more important because right now we have and not just mlc we have TOC n Q on see you know laws are very larger and SSD and you should want to spend one to every money let's ban is worried so we see how killdeer is a solution if you want to fully utilize lanes in the capacity of course it is theory is by schedule so computer is it cash is not real-time of course still when you are use email server where your web server is bet better it even better to use the cute here yes – sorry you can input you fully utilize less and the capacity so different scenarios different usages different suggestions yes yesterday ofcourse we queued here we have a 2.0 this is already available you are for post 3.5 so we have a on demand hearing which user can decide because now NASA is competitive systems so you submit you see to host while generation virtual machine or to application or system feature is this in hi but we allow user to decide which orders you place it on USB so listen and also allow user to miss my layer layer is specimen in Azadi because if using of competitiveness and you may not be able to choose which one port they'd have to be put into as a deep and we know as the space is limited you need here asserting that they how you can use more so we're sort of about is in cute here okay and finally in 4.4.1 before we doesn't allow this but right now user can freely remove and repeat a lot review just read up grading I started wearing the kilt here's to the report which another user can very easily change the STD compilation cute here for example choose from using the 3.5 inch throttle you skew into car to found as a date here it's because every sitting for proper one and all of it of course will be kick yes okay and next topic is about as the cash of course a city catch is common topic but so every vendor all have a different as a city cat or have as the cash right but our any cash is the one thing special for example come here to loosen anthony anthony yeah synergy you can of course you can have most possible first of all setting to configure different as they catch for the very storyboard but it's kind of always in our a constants because that you might not have so many slots who use different to use different head to the cash front even pool and our extra cash is a gobo catchy someone for some of authorized a city cash if I want the demo you remember that with trelaina's we can supporting a city cash one side of creatively for SLE I think a boys to the cash on all those to store pool so one a city cash can apply to all sources which is the other vendors estimation it's not you may still yeah yeah yeah maybe would have a different design concerts but right now we see nice it is very affordable and used to be utilized and also in a sense yeah okay okay so he this is just simply how our go buddy cash work but actually should be the same vendor wishing it out when you ride a town run and you write your answer differs to increase in alright I speak I also move the frequent access state ha copy 2 layer 3 cash so that the application can read the data faster but one thing I would have especially develop is always support right only cash Yeah right we cannot Ramayana we do not copy anything half from the storage to to density cache and he's more suitable for five services place my folks down right obligation for some all I want to a backup server simple I just want to ensure a lot when I back up to up to 100 PC I can have a fairly high that comes to be by the other VSS is not important so I can use by only cache even on the backup server because myself somehow I use the machine is funny to use as a backup server right because backup server is actually not me so high higher performance but if I would have some actually allow the customer also use any cash in the back of a server because they need it just back up so many device statuses so they need to use the extra cash and not just a reader cash they can even use I only cash yeah and of course for example out he saw it coming into Royal they'd have really high credit popular car but most importantly is that you need to collect the data for maybe 100 even 1000 lb / 2 minutes it was only very highs right performance is also reason of why only cash can be utilized in this case and of course same as the comes Telemachus of introduced to us Microsoft has run only cash firstly because he's seen that when you have a point simple as a distortion which we see a chart you can using some more endurable as a as a cash to ensure that the data has been summarized has been already being ready when he need to write back to the faginstone question i mean when you have a SAT as primary store that you only assess the date holla has been confirmed because it least comes up when you write date her Tula I said Akash he will not write into the primary storage 30 and because it is time not just because you need sometimes rush but also because that a user may continue modifying data yeah yeah but we lease first of all MVA it as a day in from ensuring other they talk well only after he has been modified complete well he flushed which how to ensure that lists right action is happening to the primary storage so this concept is introduced by Microsoft we've also have we seen at least a very good case because right now for India have opted SME and is curlier has no interest in Malaysia now this opportunity right so if this is true we can actually pull up an SD as an SI cache and to ensure that we all live all of the primary storage is become very low okay so this is all the reason why we do write only cash this is another advanced technology that we have computed to the other store defender okay yeah so we so many functions in a duty a tenacity cash and of course if you want to switch to from I said attach poison but it could be QQ yeah well when you want to creating the a3 cache break you and – you don't need to start a season service you can upgrade or luminesce the cache directory which is also one adventure that we have come here to the other vendor and when you upgrades the report appears the services can also come you to write operates yes okay so here server capacity cache and cute here you can see the choice but actually a city cache and kill dearly has no much promise difference right love for similar nicely cache and cute here the London right up here's the performance maybe two years Lu be better in place of all Rendon re-render and right but it's generally Allison so we still need you why Berkeley she's better as a cache or cute here yeah what was your idea I asked you before and I know that you told me that it depends what we are using it yeah right yes so QT a different scenario cash from difference in our you know what would you say what would be some of the scenarios yes yes the major at the been Journal of entity cat is of course as I mentioned it's a real-time performance tools because I does not require the CPU Li nasty said to you take care data to different different storage that we just catch all the data in a flash to the primary storage but cute here of course this more adventure about you can also use the SATs capacity and you see along with your Prime Minister to provide a higher capacities and store more data especially right now we have a TLC and qlc daddy yeah so it's majorly depending on your applications and scenario okay yeah and finally for proper wine we also started to support this as a be help monetary and do is monitoring we provide this later compared to the other vendor because we want to do it more territory so right now we have a retreat system on 33 from less ad so the number is what which is show here is such as panel yesterday in self in support by most as the defender and use like a useless to easily check y ver like a sturdy like is is cool or it has only less dry a lot yeah so we list feature on also point for point one we can further to use our other various centers for its more email or pushing notification to let user know when a desk live is become lesser for example less than 5 percent into this morning because it is almost reporting by the this vendor history and it's just an estimation number so there where it reach you know it does not mean that a city will work right away you can start communion use it for some time but we will still suggest you to replacing a sweet pic as positive and do a better first yes okay so the other tiny features are for example our discount page we also support these SSD features this released older City lab while as that he can support it for example a sadistic support security race or a CD as it is showing a below or a small self-test these functions only decide for our test engineer because one with a stupid function then Geneo it compared to P and Hardy saying that why this s adidas our this function is not working on necessity and why the photo is not working yeah but we see now this is also very important for unusable with purchase or para yesterday we can see Bible as it is comparable for we all of the RNs feature in the vanity sizing is very although is a television very useful okay and finally we have introduced this in previous live training at least each of our Seb in incrementals benign comment or in question yes so will this SSD a CD into equation we can create a sed support in to nugget well it's in hi remain the same performance of English is very important because when we also want security why and have said I have a better performance the other P I have interested before we if we only use software income increases the performance will be decrease yeah okay so here's there's a tiny table that we have some Stooges compilation for the user when using the SLV we are tuned in as if you only use the parts of a single file server you can use the risk face because this people will ask us to find civilian only assets when I need to write a document I need to override it creates a new excel file I can use the risk says we only 10% of all pokévision e but if we go to more for example more real high and more intensive application for example is surveillance or even backup server or loss server we can use write only cash she has a real type of actually 24 in several it's requirement for example our key server you need to connect so many look for so many out he device and we will suggest you to use royalty cash we return with 30% of opportunity so here is just some on table to show love this a steady completion it will depending on the scenario so here the conclusion is Kuna is your pen stories where some people wait to the Reapers but we almost technology Valley we have introduced in someone's today we believe right is also a great option to choose to gain us easily yeah I think it's very important actually to choose you know because with all these services with all these technologies that to support and make the best to use the SSD and we have like fast safe and easy yeah we wanna go next see what is yes here's a sound recanvass okay so with the fast why is kidnap your best choices you can set up the SSD or provisioning to boost the SSD performance you're talking just now and it has three types of it the make it read only write only and read and write and if you listened until now you see that the write only it is actually very well suggested to use it if you are using a backup server yeah for IOT devices you get all the information and also by fast we have the cute theory of the tier which is our software solution on helping you to actually access and arrange all the data like the data to choose most in the SSD the data that you use that we will send it in the HDD so this is this combination of SSD on their holidays yes and safe SSD again over-provisioning increasing the SSD lifespan seda encryption Drive health monitoring tool and auto assess the reliability notification yes and by easy we mean that it supports more than one volume which is Gobbo as and we have so many things yeah replace online no interrupts are we doing necessary cash and here we have a cute here as the acute area of the man of course and we also have Killian to and comfort sad hard to enter to comforted all those possible device yes I used to configure best to bring all the best potential over this yeah so this is the end yeah it's your best choice today we as a debaters okay so just go back to the line here and we came to the end we wish to the end and if you want to see this video or any other video like this and we'll see what the kidnap technology provides to you more go to live channel come here so thank you everyone and I buy a bag good day yeah

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