Q&A Part 2: Past Life, Technology, Angel Reading and More!

they're my next question is from Milo it says how do you know all of your divine knowledge so it is purely mainly from my own personal experiences as well as books I feel like books and the Internet is just such a game-changer I mean you can find best resources of information online whether it's in the source of YouTube on Google reading personal and spiritual growth books there is just so much out there and we are so gifted here on planet earth and look at the digital world on one hand we're overusing it can cause many problems but then when you can use it in balance and for the right reasons it can play such a beneficial role I mean this day and age we have so many resources to go to to be able to do anything here on planet earth okay and the amount of opportunities we have it's just so amazing so I am truly grateful to have technology because it allows me to connect with you guys to allow me to consume more knowledge more information to be able to order a book online and receive it the next day like it is just truly incredible so go online you know online you can find all the free details and even purchasing personal and spiritual growth books I find really just shift your perspective a books are very in-depth you can learn from the best guys the best mentors and they really do truly allow you to self reflect on your own life and how you can improve it they allow you to shift your perspective so you can dig deeper in life so yeah reading books is with something where I gained quite a lot of divine knowledge and seeing things from a whole new perspective so toad tips asked me hey huge fan of your work so my question is Andrew card readings what is it is it like tarot card readings nevertheless I have been wanting to gain more spiritual insight on my journey maybe this can help thank you so much Todd tips so the difference between tarot card reading and Andrew card readings is the fact that angel card readings don't predict your future angel card readings act as a form of guidance and advice okay so they're not there to kind of tell you no this is exactly what's gonna happen they're there to actually offer you advice and guidance so that you can have the free will to make your own decisions because the thing with the angel realm is that we all have the free will to make our own decisions angels cannot interfere in our lives they can only send us guidance so that we can you know be on our way to the right path so that's the difference I hope that answered your question so Jenny Smith asks me how long have you been reading the tarot cards could you naturally read them or did you get books and have you had a past life so I when I first started I actually had to read books because I had no clue basically but I just felt like my gut was telling me you know it just I could just connect with these cards you know and until I started figuring out how to use my own intuition that's when I started discover like I could just naturally naturally just you know come up with images or words that would just pop out and I guess my intuition has increased over time along my journey and so I things just naturally flow for me like I can pick up on patterns as soon as three for Angel cards pop out of the deck and I'm just able to intuitively recognize patterns and so I guess there's a mixture of both yeah I guess it's a mixture of both have you had a past life do you know what I want to say I have I am I am a strong believer in the reincarnation and I do believe that I have had a past life because I do occasionally experience deja vu as though I have already come across a situation or an experience that I felt before even though I haven't experienced it in this lifetime so this is a nice question it's from Timothy Ezekiel I am so sorry for the bad pronunciation he says what made you decide to show your spirituality to others I guess I when I first started out my spiritual journey there were of course a few experiences that I went through and I actually started looking at videos on how to love myself on YouTube and I think this was just like the beginning of my spiritual journey and I can't believe how inspired I got from these youtubers and it really did you know as much as I was reading books at that time but YouTube like finding inspirational talks like that on YouTube really did spark something in me like it just allowed me to get myself energised and make me like put me in a more positive mindset and to know that at the beginning of my spiritual journey sometimes we can feel quite alone like we know where our place because we're shifting so much of our old skin like our old beliefs values systems ways of looking things you know it's all changing and then when we start to shed a lot of our spiritual awakening and journey sometimes we can feel all alone like were different like we're alienated like you know we don't belong in our old ways anymore so we can sometimes feel alone at the start of our spiritual journey and so when I was watching these videos on you I felt like I was part of the community I felt like I could connect with other people and the fact that I wasn't alone along my journey the fact that these people could shift my energy my perspective my state of mind the fact that I just felt like I felt like I was connected and at one with these people and I looked at my spiritual journey with more positivity like you know this is completely normal what I'm going through so I want to make that impact on someone I want to be that person where someone is starting out on their spiritual journey and they're feeling lost they're feeling you know alienated I want to be that guide for them to make them feel calmness and feel excited at the same time and even for those that are still continuing their spiritual journey ten years down the line I want to be that person that continues offering guidance to them and I know in this day and age as well I am still someone that was always looking for mentors and coaches and guides I mean we can all learn from people lots of people here on planet earth our journey is never ending there is always room for growth and improve them and so I want to be that person to help someone feel at ease as well exit sighted I want to act like that guide and make people realize that this is just the beginning of their spiritual journey it is so exciting you get to discover your higher truth your higher self so yeah that's how I want to express my spirituality and I knew I had a lot to offer I knew that when I started seeing changes in my personal life when I started using like the practices exercises the knowledge that I was consuming and applying it in my own life and I and I knew this that it started working on my own life and I knew when it started doing that I knew I could make an impact on other people and pass this knowledge and wisdom on to other people say that they could benefit from it so yeah that's that's why that's why I wanted to shape my spirituality to others so I hope that answers question that is my Q&A done guys I could not get through all the questions as much as I appreciate all the lovely messages you send to me you know they were such big questions I just didn't have time to answer all of them and there were just so many more questions so I will probably have to do another Q&A at some point you know maybe in a couple of months time but definitely stay tuned for another Q&A video and let me know in the comments below if this video benefited you in some way and if you like the Q&A style of videos that I do yeah I'd be really interested so please don't forget to hit that like share and subscribe button thank you so much for watching once again spreading peace love and light


  1. Sandy Singh said:

    You do make me feel calmness and excited. You radiate a very beautiful energy. Thankyou, sending you so much love xxx

    May 23, 2019
  2. Jenny Smith said:

    I can read tarot cards too naturally thank you for sharing 🦋🙂

    May 23, 2019
  3. shilpi agrawal said:

    Thankyou Sunshine for your time n guidance😊💛🌻🌼🌞
    Loving your Q/A videos…coz i love to see you talking😀…like a knowledgeful, bful kid😃😍

    May 23, 2019
  4. DragonStar said:

    awesome thank you xoxoxo kisses!

    May 23, 2019
  5. James Earl Cash said:

    The Transformational Butterfly: Hey love i have a question and that is how many holes
    are there in a single crumpet? lol Just kidding. I do have a bunch of deep questions 
    regarding spirituality but i don't know if you can answer them although maybe you can 
    answer a few like how many past lives do you think you have had? The vibe i get from 
    you is the way your are now is how you were in a past life like being in a loop like a 
    music sample and this life like the others is a remix of sorts although there is something
    your looking for like an answer or something? Are you shy? Are you afraid to get up on a
    stage in front of a live audience and speak your truth without fear of being praised or
    rebuffed by those who may not see your point of view? You have a lot to offer but you
    come across as shy and reserved now i can be wrong but i don't know. lol

    I don't know if you remember but in one of my comments to you i said something to the
    effect that i you remind me of a soul that is older than your physical age and very connected
    to the source more than i am. Although i do know what that oneness is like where there is 
    no type of thoughts but rather one is floating in a collectively gigantic huge group of other 
    consciously connected souls just living in the moment without nothing to think about well i 
    find that to be no offense kind of boring its almost like sleeping while awake without 
    dreaming. I guess thats why ghost haunt houses talking bout "i don't want to go back there 
    its boring" lol I have to ask do you feel as though your a young souls who hasn't lived many 
    life times but just knows to much more so than the average individual soul?  ( oh look a spiritual
    smart ass! lol ) Or do you feel like an old soul who knows what you know from having experienced 
    many lives?

    Now if those questions are to personal for you to handle i do have more simple questions
    but it won't be ones that ask "are you an Indian?" Like Duh no she Mexican from Sweden.  
    WTF? Although i can't lie the first time i saw you i thought you was Puerto Rican with a English
    accent. In my defense you were playing salsa at one point but now i notice as of late you have
    been jamming a lil reggae that sounds like a track used by Barrington Levy the Jamaican singer
    with the jewish last name and it made me curious do you have any Caribbean ties? Do you live
    in England? Did you ever see this commercial for your so money supermarket? Link below

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJsw-zK602U That is a funny commercial. lmao
    I live in the states myself as i'm sure you already get that but the city i live in has so many
    groups of diverse people living in it that many who live in the states consider it to be its
    own planet outside of the rest of the states. And i grew up amongst all sorts of people
    from many diverse backgrounds from all sorts of places so i'm not that shy if you haven't
    noticed by now. lol

    I have no more questions as of now but i might have more down the line i just hope my
    questions and or my humor weren't offensive and if so i apologize and to make it up i am
    providing a link to a reggae joint i think you might dig.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muM1sDoR2PM And this is the trap remix.
    Both songs remind me of spiritual growth like i mentioned earlier. See everything
    i do or say leads to something. lol

    With that said i wish ya a wonderful rest of the week. Later love.

    May 23, 2019
  6. Lightworker Monica said:

    Love the Q&A style video!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with all of us! ☺️💖🙏

    May 23, 2019
  7. james Stevenson said:

    Your so Beautiful , And Pretty to.lol Thanks for your sharing knowledge its very good works , Gratitude Gratitude I Love Humanity. You so Pladian . its good I love them, there my ancestors.

    May 23, 2019

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