Python, Django And MySQL Project On Online E-Learning Portal

hello friends welcome to and this is my new project online e-learning photo and I have developed this project in Python version 2.7 and I have used the Xango web framework on the version is and Django 1.11 and for database I have used the my sacct well and for connecting the database from the Django I have used the connector you can get that connector from the my secure website very easily so for the front-end design I have used the bootstrap theme for creating the front-end design of this page and also the I have used many of the jQuery libraries to giving the project a good effects and animations so you can see the slider is going on the homepage so I have used many of this type of third-party jQuery library to making the project very good-looking so you can see this is the wolf effect so I have used the wall effect also once I wrote this page you can see that all the blocks are loading very slowly so this is also a jQuery library which I have used in this project so let's start with the front in first okay so in this project there are two types of user first is the tutor and second one is a student so this is the role basis term and this menu will be changed according to the role if tutor logs into the system then this menu will be displayed and rendered as per the tutors restrictions and the credentials and if experience login to the system then this menu will be changed according to the user permissions so with the functionality so this is the home page of the project and after that this is about us page so I have also added a simple slider on the about Us page so this is the student login where a student will be able to log in and this is a tutor login where tutors will be able to log in after that this is a Contact Us page you can see that this is a Contact Us page and I have added the Google map for setting up your address pointer on the Google map and let's start with the total of them first so this is the tutor login hand so this is the first page of after you to login this is the home our and admin dashboard of the tutor so you can see these are the modules which I have developed in this project the add tutorial so tutorial are those modules normally if you want to create a tutorial for the C C++ Python Django then you can create the tutorial from that section after that at top is this is the module so from where you can create the topics and of that add course for adding the Porsche and the questions for adding the cushions so this project also contains the quiz system after completing their tutorials and the subject or the student will be able to give the bridge and after that they will they will get their result on time so I have also developed that quiz system in this which you will see later so let's start to go through the functionality one by one so this is also the menu where all the functionalities are available so let's start with the ad hoc these are also working so if you want to click on the add user then this will be a and that place will be open so let's move one by one so this is a topic so you will be able to create a topic into any of the scores so there are PHP or if there is a Python course then you can see there four types of level beginner intermediate advanced and expert so you can see that there are four types of levels here so students will have to complete the beginner level to go on the intermediate after that bad ones and the expert level so there are four types of level explained will not be able to jump to the export lever without completing this pathway so if all the stuff functionality has been developed in this project so you can add the topic name suppose in Python how to install Python and a description of that topic so this is the add topic page of their add tutorial so in this you will select a topic means for which topic you are going to add tutorial whose if I am going to how to install Django and here you will enter the title and the content which you you want to add in that title after that this is the add course where you will able to add the course just like any type of core Java or JSP Python Django flux the machine learning each and everything you will be able to add from here and after that they will be able to add the top is in that course and then you will be able to add the tutorials in that topic and then add cushion so you will be able to add the questions from here in the in that topic suppose if you want to have the question in any other topic then you can select that topic and then after full cushion and the option one two three four and the correct answer that what will be the correct answer so this is the this is for the face system so once student a start quiz then all the flopson will be displayed with the cushion or also once he completes the quiz the evaluation of that quiz will be displayed one time so next is an add new user so total will be able to add new user so this is the user also what type of users you want to add a tutor like student if he had students then the student role be added into that user and if he adds the Twitter then tutor permissions will be added in into that user so let's start let's go on the report session then this is the tutor for so you can see there are two or four tutors available here and after that tutorials so this is the tutorial report so how to install django and if you click on that edit you will be able to see that what's the contents are there in that topic and then result report so you can see that there is a stranger sama who has appeared three times in two times his field and one time has passed if you want to see the result then you can click on the view details and that result will be displayed here okay so and if you again can see the parcel then all the answers will be okay so means in the result is 100% means if a student was give the correct answer of all cushion then he will be able to he will be passed and he will be moved on to the second level after that is twenty boots so this is these are the students of the system and he will be able to update the details from here and then topics report so all the topics are here so python django and all the topics are here you can edit and updated topics you can also delete that topics from here so this is the Porsche port that what type of course are available in the e-learning platform and the questions report that what are the cushions and for which topic that questions has been assigned and after add there is a my account section for updating your account the user who has log into the system he will be able to change their account details and after that the change password for changing the password of the system the login user and password and the lower function I once they will love out then all the sessions will be destroyed from the Xango and the Python so this is the first user demonstration so that is the admin with or a tutor so tutor is the super admin of the system where he will be able to perform in all type of operation in the system so let us go through the with the student functionality so for student log in click on the student log in and log in as a student so different and the password is text so this is the student dashboard so you can see there is a restriction for the student means once it starts login he will be able to see their only functionality foot for which he has permitted so left there is a my administration section so you can see that you can read Act now you can open the section from here also and here also so you can see the course details here yes so let's go home – port first so course list in that course list these are the forces and if you click on the view topics then all the topics will be displayed okay and after that if you click on the view details then all the topic details will be displayed here okay so this is the post list and that my result section so you will be able to see the event will be able to see their own result also so let's say start exam first also course list and then I Steve you topics okay and this is the view topic section so how to install Zack and Xango if you want to read the tutorial then just click on the read tutorials and you will be able to see that what these are the tutorials including sailor voice once you click on the write article then the reader section will be open and you can again go back and read that again and the next article and so on so once you complete this tutorial then you can go in on to the dashboard and the course list and after that the view tutorials sorry view topics and the start quiz so once you start the quiz so high you will be able to the student will give their quiz and to check their performance so let's start with so vo topics and there is a start quiz so this is the quiz so the first question is explaining these are the questions you can add a number of questions into a topic and if you add the questions into the topic then a student must have given the full 100% correct answer for getting past from this level so let's start that static URL and some I am giving some random answers for these questions and submit page so once you submit that because I think there is some issue okay so he will be able to see the huns see their results just like this one okay just like this one he will he will be able to see that answer so this is the project and if you have any issue so if so there is some if you I will think this issue also so if you have any question then you can post the questions into the comment and sure I will reply on that and don't forget to subscribe our Channel forgetting the regular latest project video updates thanks thanks very much

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