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hey everyone welcome this is Ben Solon's from Pluralsight and I want to welcome you here to a preview of my latest course data analytics hands-on now in this course I take you through everything that is the world of data analytics some of the goals are learning all the basics everything you need to know to be a competent data analyst we also go through and build some functional examples so you don't leave it just understanding theory you have practical skills that you can demonstrate and use in your job or in the new job you're trying to find we also follow a story I think it's really important for us to relate to something so I introduced this company cogs lis services and I'll tell you about that in just a second now this course is designed with kind of two methods of learning in mind so one is this start to finish so if you're new to the idea of data analytics maybe it's a field you want to get into or maybe it's something that you're already in or maybe just barely getting into and you just want to use this as a reference either way you can use it as a start to finish or a place to fill in the gaps each module is designed with four basic topics in mind though what the why the how and the where we go through what it is whatever the subject is for the module we talk about why it is why you'd use it why it exists or anything like that I'll show you how so this is where we get into that functional piece and lastly in every module I'll show you where you can find more info so that way if you would you want to dig in deeper you know exactly where to go so data analytics just like many other fields is one where there is an entire world of things and avenues for you to explore a career path or really dive in and just fall in love with a certain area so this course introduces you to everything so that way you can find what that path is for you and then you can dive in deeper so in the skills that we're gonna learn here we talk about Excel this is a fundamental skill that I think most people maybe already have or if you haven't this is the key piece that you need to be able to use when becoming a data analyst and I think that's true because it's kind of like gardening excel is getting your hands dirty working with the data by hand and having that understanding is incredibly valuable as you progress through the more advanced ways of working with your data we also get into sequel this is a program the structured query language as it is to understand how to work with data universally across all database systems understand sequel and that is fundamental so if you know these two things you're in really good hands then we get into databases what they are data warehousing we look at choosing chart types and understanding when we visualize data when we're trying to tell a story what chart types are appropriate for what types of data and then we go into tableau which is this data visualization platform that has really dominated the analytics world in the past several years so I show you some functional examples of all these areas here lastly we wrap it up with presentation design this is a key piece I think understanding how to design presentations is the final step in communicating and telling your story and conveying meaning to your audience so our story the one I mentioned before is cogs lis services this is a fictitious company that I used throughout the course as examples that are real-world scenarios that you are they're probably already in or may encounter in your career and help lay that foundation so you have a reference point of why we're doing something where it fits in this world cognitive services is a startup that was founded in 2008 they've seen tremendous growth in this technical services sector but they're having a hard time pulling their data together and analyzing it sound familiar that's the idea so I want to go through this and learn how to work with cognitive services and how to help them overcome this which essentially is the process of data analytics I'll talk about the analytic cycle and how it's this never-ending loop of acquiring exploring visualizing testing and studying data and now you can jump from one piece to the other all the while learning and understanding things that you never even thought you had questions about gaining ways of looking at your data and looking at your business to act upon them and improve things we'll talk about how it works and how data comes from basically several different types of places it flows into a back office system jumps into the front office system this is known as data warehousing from there is when you really get the value out of it you start doing these types of things like targeting customers monitoring your business or making more strategic decisions and we'll look at all the different categories here the providers of data the warehousing of data and the use cases this is this whole world here there are a thousand things to consider and I'm gonna get you through all of those to where you have a basic understanding of what's what so I hope this is exciting for you I hope you want to dive into the world of data analytics come on this fun journey with me and let's learn some things

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    Awesome tutorial. As an electrical engineering student and seek a job related to software development, it is a great tutorial.

    May 23, 2019

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