Predictive Analytics to Retain Human Capital and Monetize Data | Cloudera + ADP

a DP has been processing payroll and human capital management transactions for 60 years with that comes a lot of data we pay one in six people in the u.s. automated data processing data is our middle name data cloud which is essentially a product group and the data science group we ATP's data and essentially we want to make product out of it make a value add for customers we realized from day one that the data is across our data centers across various applications we really need to bring it into one one spot obviously security was at the forefront of making sure this data is safe making sure it's anonymized its aggregated and just making sure it's locked down that was one of the main reasons why we started with cloud era because it's just integrated into the whole solution we also needed an enterprise class solution we need to make sure that the most stable distribution because it's not only a lot of data but there are a lot of people depending on that state of being there secure and available for products twenty-nine million people that we process and all factors not just they're very granular compensation information for things like bonus things like over time things like increases breaking it down by their different job functions different levels of experience so that we can pull all this information together that we can report a benchmark by industry location organization size revenue to really help our clients find peers that error makes my my life 10 times easier by first testing all the framework and making sure the 26 pieces interoperate they go through detailed testing so when I do have issues I get communicated to immediately I think it fixes on demand whenever we speak to our HR professionals at our clients I asked the same question what is the absolutely most important part of your job why why are you here and the answer is always the same to find and keep the best talent at the organization our turnover probability model is intended to help them with that mission through the model we were able to identify that top 20% of medium and 1% of high risk people and the turnover rate of that population is over three times as high as those not at risk what we're seeing with our analytics and data cloud platform is massive growth across our client base

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