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your head let's take a look at the hazards and risks that could cause harm to your head there's impact from falling or flying objects bumping your head into objects and hair becoming entangled what PPE is available I hear you ask well to protect you from these hazards there are a range of helmets hard hats and bumper caps so once you assess the hazard select the appropriate PPE to protect your head oh and don't forget about protecting your neck for example there are scarves available for use during welding you may find that head protection can make it difficult to wear eye or hearing protection but don't worry there is a solution a variety of safety helmets are available that incorporate or can be fitted with specially designed eye or hearing protection again make sure your PPE fits properly and is comfortable to wear and do not use head protection if it is damaged for example cracked or been dropped replace it as soon as possible it's important to note the Employment Act 1989 gives an exemption for turban wearing Sikhs working on construction sites from the need to wear head protection right let's move on and take a look at the risks hazards and PPE for breathing you

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