PowerPoint Tutorial: Interactive scenarios rapid elearning

some of the things I enjoy most about design and e-learning is just how many different ways we have for creating our courses and scenarios for example are a great way to introduce multiple characters who can provide viewpoints context perspectives that really support or even challenge the main content and in this example we're going to create a really simple scenario using hyperlinks animation and hidden slides so in this example right we will click any of these characters and then they'll quickly slide into place so a great way to add a little bit of animation while still allowing the content to really drive the slide so starting out here with a simple slide single slide have a background that's been placed inside the slide master picture frame and some characters first thing I want to do because I always design my slides with a blank slide layout is manually type in a slide title for this I'm going to go ahead and return back to my slide and you can see the home is right there I'm going to move that off the slide because I want the benefit of the slide title but I don't want the ad to show up on the slide so at this point I'm going to go ahead and shift-click each of my characters and control X just put them in the clipboard I want to duplicate this home slide now five times one for each of those five characters so control D five times gives me six slides total come back over here to the home and click control V to paste those guys back in place and now I can go back to my outline and I'm going to rename each of these slides one for each of the characters so Allen Carl and again I don't have to do this this just makes it a lot easier to when I start applying my hyperlinks to actually have a slide title rather than slide 1 slide 2 and so on okay so now I can go in here and return to my home slide with the characters and assign the hyperlinks so I'm gonna go ahead and use the shortcut ctrl K for Allen and I'm gonna click Carl and hit ctrl K and so on of course I could right click each of these characters and choose add hyperlink but I was like the short keys and will it be okay now I can go ahead and select each of them should have click and click ctrl C to copy and now I can go ahead and just paste across all the slides and the benefit for me to doing this is that aren't that hyperlinks multiple times and it also reduces my chance of you know making a mistake with one of the hyperlinks and going to the wrong slide so at this point right we've we have a slide title that's unique we also have hyperlinked characters across all the slides so now I can go to each individual slide click animations and I can start adding the animation to have each of these characters slide into place so for Allen will click motion paths diagnol up right and I want to just move it in a little bit right there and change it to fast I'll click play perfect I go ahead and go down to Carl and notice that I'm only going to add an animation for one slide and that's for whatever characters slide I'm actually linking to I don't want to do multiple animations on one slide otherwise all the characters would go over there that's not the effect we want so when we did that for the hyperlinks that was okay but for animation I want to make sure I'm only animating you know Elly for Elly and go Steve for Steve and just really one slide of animation per character and I ignite and I'm just sort of you know eyeball on this right there I can always go back and of course fine-tune it any way I want okay so everyone's got their animation has their hyperlink now I want to go into articulate stab and actually hide these slides so that when I publish both the slides are all hidden and the end of the advances by the user and not automatically in the player so click articulate and slide properties okay so I'm going to click the first second slide shift click will it be right click and choose hide and navigation panel and then for advanced I just want to right click and choose advanced a next slide by user and I'll go ahead and click OK and let's go ahead just publish so articulate and publish okay and here we go so if I click Alan now the only thing to notice right here right is I clicked Alan but he hasn't mu and that's because we just need to go into the sink animations and adjust when this timing comes in so let's go back and do that real quick so we'll click sync animations and I'll click start sync for Alan's slide next animation and then stop sync go ahead and save and close and we'll go ahead and publish again so now if I click Alan there he goes and the same for the rest of the characters so a really great way to create some simple scenarios using some of the basic features in both PowerPoint and presenter no.9

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