Playmakers of Technologies

and it's defining what is the business goals the business strategy the strategic intent we're going with your business that's the starting point because what you should not fall into is a pitfall of looking into the technology side and what is that great opportunities that you see in that you should be inspired from the business side technologies which are enabling digitization give us the platforms to meet those needs and aspirations of our customers an ecosystem the services integrate them so within this ecosystem you need to propose lots of value to the customer which satisfies the entrant some of that is piling some new new talent some new ways of thinking some of it is bringing in new toolset and really learning from other companies in the space and what they've done not just trying to think that you know we've got all the answers what we've done is we've really gone out and we can selected individuals within the organization that have that IT background but have the business knowledge and we created a group of teams that are strategic business partners other need to optimize the supply chain you cannot do any of that without actually be much more automated and automation doesn't mean just having you know internal systems here but it means an extended ecosystem you

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