#Piracy – Heart of the Internet ( Part 1 )

in this video lets talk about Piracy – the enemy of film makers, developers and creators. The real question is, if piracy can be stopped or not!!
The simple answer to that is a huge NO! Here’s why ❓ Piracy is making headlines since napster or before that. Its very hard to stop piracy or nearly impossible, because its as simple as recording a HD video in a movie theatre with a good cam. Even though quality is an issue people download such videos and movies. The reason for this is its free to the end user and of Couse who doesn’t like free stuff. Let’s get down to math ?
If a person is watching atleast 3 movies a month and an average movie ticket costs 5-7 $ at a good multiplex, a person would be spending 15-20 dollars a month and 180-240 dollars a year. Or 😉 it could be downloaded for free through the internet. Websites such as kickass, torrentz.eu and others used to provide such free content. Such websites are now taken down by the cyber crime department and in some cases the owners brought down the site due to the fear raised by cyber laws. Even after such major actions being undertaken illegal downloads have not reached a pure stage. Even after the website was down within very few days, other websites try to take its place and many mirror website were up within a short span. These websites filled the gap fulfilling the demand that was created after the major site were down. So, trying to bring down the illegal website is not the solution right now. Even if bringing down the “illegal website” is successful piracy is still alive. How you ask?
The answer is mobile applications like show box, popcorn time and terrarium and much more have more than 10 million downloads and its free and all type of contents from Netflix, prime videos and regular tv show, these apps are not available in play store or Appstore still it has a huge market
And even if these are taken down
“illegal content” is still circulated through drives and online storage. Huge money is made through this, you might be wondering who cares?
But actually, you should
If we let piracy grow, then no developer, artists and creators will get paid and no regular solution bugs will be provided and eventually the developers and creators will have to quit their projects.
Today piracy is growing rapidly due to easy access to internet. And highly populated countries like India is subscribing to internet, compared to any other country so the download of illegal content is only going to increase and its growing faster than expected. watch the next video to know how money is being made through piracy
and how illegal contents are circulated and most important how can piracy be stopped and how illegal contents are circulated most important how can piracy be stopped!! if you enjoyed pls like, share and comment and most importantly dont forget to subscribe to our kriyetive channel


  1. Suhas KL said:

    Kick-Ass and torrent.eu had to go down because it had got a lot of publicity and it was like the main source for this movies and TV shows

    February 27, 2019
  2. PEG ZONE said:

    You can never end piracy its the life blood of internet.

    February 27, 2019
  3. rahul rahul said:

    very good animation and very good information

    February 27, 2019
  4. Sudarshan Magaji said:

    Great animation and brilliant explanation. Keep it up

    March 2, 2019
  5. sharath gowda said:

    How did u make this animated video in the first place…..
    Did you use pirated software.

    April 14, 2019
  6. Kewal Patel said:

    Make free streaming like hotstar piracy will be down.

    May 16, 2019

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