Phinnie Earned Her MSN in Nursing Education from Aspen University

– Hi, my name is Phinnie
Amegashi from Chicago. Just graduated in MSN
in Nursing Education. I’ve been a nurse for 23 years. My daughter started high school, and I saw myself staying up
late with her doing homework. I said to myself “If I’m
staying up this late, I should probably go back to school”. I wanted still to work full time. I wanted still to be
able to take care of her. So I wanted to get education
that was gonna be flexible for my schedule and for her schedule. It was challenging but
I had to be focused. Also, I had very good instructors. If I didn’t understand something, I was able to email them and
they would email me right back. I didn’t have to wait. I’ve been so lucky and so
grateful for all the instructors. I graduated with no debt. That was very important
because I knew I was graduating and my daughter was starting college. She leaves next month. So I did not wanna have
any debt before she starts. The sky is the limit. Just go out there and do the best you can. Believe in yourself.

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