Pharmaceutical giant Cipla talks about WoodWing

We use all components of the solutions
which would be the inception, the publishing tools the multi-channel and
obviously Elvis, which is a great addition to our suite. In short it helped
us a lot with all these thousands and thousands of assets just to streamline
and personalize the workflow of our users across the various departments and
business units. Based on our matrix is just on a search ability and the
validation of the assets and the files and we’ve picked up an improvement of
98%, just from our previous system and the implementation of Elvis alone. I love
WoodWing; we’ve invested long-term. All the departments that I introduced the
WoodWing tools to they are fairly positive and they’re excited when we do
arrive with new components or features. Obviously we don’t release all of them
at once but they do love it especially the commercial teams and also the
regulatory teams will manage the entire approval process within Elvis as well.
Elvis does everything we need to. So just from conception, workflow, approvals and
archiving so it’s all around of us. Approval would take easily two to three
weeks, now we are down to hours to days depending on if all the information
based on the asset is available. So yes, we went from a very risky, messy solution
to a much more stable environment.

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